Emma Natter plans intimate or intimate-feeling weddings based on her vision for a beautiful life: a series of meaningful journeys full of communal gatherings, joyful merriment, pleasing design, seasonal inspiration, and enlightening conversation.


Emma uses her extensive study of story structures from earning a creative writing MFA to understand how people are changed by experience--the wedding experience in particular. 

She travels worldwide to antique markets and artisan fairs to discover perfectly imperfect surfaces, vessels, and keepsakes to style the details of weddings. Although she loves intimate, warm spaces of many kinds, she specializes in making weddings feel like a welcome visit to a Provencal cottage full of antique heirlooms, hand-made pieces, and exposed beams where the food, conversation, and laughter are the meaning-makers for hosts and guests. 

Emma currently lives in New York City with her husband and son. To learn more about her approach to weddings, click here.