At the heart of Emma's planning and design is a commitment to making each wedding a life-changing experience for both guest and couple. A conversation with the couple (ideally in person) helps her get a feel for the character of the couple's relationship, their unique dynamics, what makes them laugh, how they like to spend their time, in what areas they'd like to be especially involved in the wedding planning process (and where they'd rather hand over the reigns), and how they imagine the months and years after their wedding.

At this point, her design wheels are already spinning, imagining not only the different flowers, papers, fabrics, ribbons, cutlery, and photographs that might match the feel of their relationship and bring the couple delight, but also ideas for how to curate special moments of beauty, insight, and merriment with the people they love throughout the wedding days. 

She waits to reveal this flurry of ideas until the next meeting, where she comes with her wedding ideas communicated through beautifully designed vision boards, a journey (or if you prefer, a general schedule of the wedding days), and Emma's suggestions for the ideal wedding vendors from her exclusive list.

Once the couple feels that the vision matches what is in their hearts, then and only then does Emma break out the spreadsheets and lists that allow the vision to become a reality (the premature release of these is usually what causes overwhelm). Checking in on a basis comfortable with the couple, Emma becomes not only a planner, but somewhere between a trusted mentor, advocate, and friend.