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You’re great at dreaming up all the things you could do with the profits of bringing in five-or-six-figures with passive income…  

I see you, no judgement here. I was once in the very same boat.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned over and over again in my own business and with every kind of client I’ve served:

No matter what you’re selling, teaching, or launching, you’ve got to do it strategically in THREE ways. 


Emma Natter | Launch Strategy


Ana Woods | Copywriting


Carli Anna | Graphic & Web Design

After a difficult hike in rural southern France, we walked toward our pilgrim hostel past a small cluster of cottages, exhausted and out of food. We were there to research for my masters thesis. We were just feeling anxious because there was no food for miles when the owner of the pilgrim hostel greeted me as though I was her long-lost niece. She made me feel so welcome before leaving to run an errand. Returning with arms weighed down with grocery bags, she placed the food on the counter and said she’d be back later, gesturing for us to cook together. A little awkwardly at first, we began to make dinner together. At a long farm table, we ate bread, cheese, yogurt, and pasta together. We each talked about why we were on pilgrimage. Exercise, adventure, or spiritual guidance. I absorbed their stories, inspired, and curious to see how their stories might influence my work. Throughout the night, I felt connected, inspired, excited, welcome, and purposeful. We ended the night as friends, when we had been strangers staying at the same hostel only hours before.

You need a product, a purpose, a goal, and a plan.

You need the right, strategic words to sell what you’ve created. 

You need all your hard work to be packaged and designed to appeal to your ideal customer or client.

It sounds simple, but more often than not, it’s harder to actually do something meaningful like this than it was to dream it up in the first place.






The combined beauty, innovation, and necessity of what we create only gets us so far. You’ve got to know and create the necessary pieces to SHARE it and SELL it to make a difference. 

That's why:

3, 2, 1 LAUNCH

Introducing my signature service:

We love nothing more on Team EN than coming alongside creatives and helping make their dreams into a sustainable business model by effectively sharing their creations with the audience they’ve already cultivated.

Right now, many businesses are locking their doors for the sake of social distance... yet for us small businesses, we’re nimble, savvy, and flexible. We were made to thrive at times like this. And now with more time on your hands than you know what to do with, it’s TIME to take your big ideas and actually launch them so they can be something that serves and sells online. 

In our signature (and only) team-to-one service package, we walk with you every step of the way as we work the same process that helped me make $90k on my first course launch with zero paid ads and a list of only 1,200 subscribers.

Yes, it IS possible. 

A launch in the digital creative space is a marathon, with an abundance of moving parts- we not only help you navigate it all, we’ll create some of the biggest pieces of the puzzle for you. Together, we evaluate your product and your goals, create a plan to execute it, and deliver some of the biggest game changing assets so you can communicate what you’re all about, look and sound your best while doing it, and actually close the sale. We’ll guide you and give you all the tools you need to be successful now and again in the future.

My first launch, I was a team of 1 and it took me MONTHS to create everything I was exhausting and the preparation alone was a full-time job.

But now? My team and I will give you EVERYTHING you need to be successful in your upcoming launch…

...but here’s the catch. We’ll get it done in three days. 

Availability starting in May


Launch Strategy

POSITIONING & STRATEGY. On a two hour coaching call, we’ll strategize the best way to position and launch your offer to see growth in your business and work toward your greater business mission. We’ll come up with realistic goals and what to expect, and I’ll give you the simplest way to track your success so you can take the reins with confidence and know exactly what to improve for next time.

 I’ll craft:
- A concrete marketing and sales strategy
- Design your customer/client journey
- Create a custom task list and timeline that makes it impossible to miss a single step. No matter the approach we’re taking


3, 2, 1, LAUNCH


DAY 01

Creating the Copy

CREATING THE COPY. Our brilliant, Team EN copywriter will use the positioning and strategy work from Day 1 to write the key words that will persuade customers and clients to purchase. We’re talking:

- Strategic sales page copy with conversion in mind 
- Engaging and persuasive social media copy
- And tried and tested email funnel copy

You’ll walk away with all the words you need for all of the places your ideal customer will be hanging out trying to decide if it’s the right fit for them. Each word is scientifically engineered to connect with the exact right candidates from your audience and persuade them to buy...without it ever feeling like overkill.



DESIGNING. With the help of our visionary, Team EN graphic designer, everything comes together in a strategically crafted beautiful-and-elevated-on-the-outside-and-complex-and-nerdy-on-the-inside package. This includes:

- Web page design for your most important (and now strategically positioned and written) web pages
- Marketing graphics to grab the attention of your customers so they feel confident that they’re investing in something high-level and incredible.


DAY 02

DAY 03

You make the shifts you want for your business — showing up as your best and most prepared self with sales content that makes you stand out above the crowd. And your audience shows up and loves everything you offer. Sound like a plan? 

Imagine it with me:


Coaching & Strategy


1. 1 2-hour intensive coaching call 
2. Custom goal-setting
3. Custom offering positioning strategy
4. Custom marketing and sales strategy
5. Custom audience strategy
6. Custom timeline
7. Custom task list
8. Custom data tracking spreadsheet 



1. 1 1-hour copy strategy call
2 1 Sales page copy
3. Purchase thank you page copy
4. 5-Part email sequence
5. 5 Social media captions
6. Copy for social media graphics

Design & Web


1. 1-hour Design Strategy Call
2. Sales Page Design
3. 3 Email Templates 
4. E-book template 
5. Freebie template 
6. 3-5 Social Media Templates
7. 3-5 Mock-ups of your offer
8. Thank you web page design
9. Opt-in web page design


Coaching & Strategy

Comprehensive guidance, resources, and templates in:

-creating courses that sell
-webinar/video series that sell
-social media that sells
-email marketing that sells
-done-for-you project management


Done-for-you copy for:

-Sales pitches (yes, including webinars and video series)
-Email welcome sequences
-Freebie creation
-Social media caption creation
-Social media feed curation

Design & Web

Design for:

-Branding your offer
-Creating swag for your offer
-Creating printed goods for your offer
-Customizing your platform
-Additional graphics
-Additional templates

The nitty gritty of what you’ll get:

Days can be purchased separately, but include a discount if purchased together.

Based on what other clients have really found valuable in the past, we also have additional resources and services available to support you on your particular project according to your specific needs. This may include but are not limited to...

Are you ready to have a strategic, seamless, and customized launch ready in three days flat?



I’m an art trained business coach who digs in deep on the nerdy stuff to seamlessly bridge the gap between the creative-driven art world and the profit-driven business world.

I got my first two clients by asking my Instagram followers if anyone needed help (Seriously). Those first two clients opened my eyes to a world of potential- both of them went from being almost completely unknown to killing it in their niche. 

After I helped them find the direction their hearts wanted to go and gave them the tools to get there, they did the hard work and had the most incredible transformations.

Sharing these two clients’ stories brought me a dozen more, and I realized that I could have real impact in the world by helping artists and creatives cultivate success for themselves by infusing strategy into their already brilliant work. Perfecting the system I used to coach my clients led to:


Launch Coach & Strategist


-Building my own 100% location independent multiple six-figure business through launching online programs (social distancing already taken care of!)

-Coaching first time digital product creators to 20k and 40k launches (even with a small following of organic followers), organic audience
-Coaching clients to 20k, 40k, and 60k launches (most without spending any money on paid ads)

-Consulting for multiple six figure launches

-Helping clients feel confident in being themselves and building a heart-aligned business WHILE also becoming extremely persuasive salespeople

It’s my mission to nurture a community of wildly successful, self made, creative entrepreneurs to innovate using proven systems that deliver dramatic results, so that they can build the life of their dreams in an era when people think it’s impossible to succeed and change the world as an artist. 

Strategic copywriter and brand strategist, I help online experts and educators scale their businesses through copywriting and brand management that feels heartfelt and genuine...will also driving results that speak for themselves. 



Copywriter & Strategist


- Selling out coaching programs in 24 hours

- Achieving $40k, $60k, $80k launches

- Filled up calendars with ideal clients

- And helped turn creatives’ brilliant ideas into something that actually helps them create the business and lifestyle they desire.

While my client list and project scope is- shall we say, diverse?- my goal is always the same: To cultivate a life giving and profitable business through the power of fine tuned communication, science-backed copy, and done for you social media services that drive results.

At 22, I was considering a Ph.D in strategic communications when my small business went from college hobby to full-time career. In a matter of two years, I was hired on by celebrity photographers, online experts, lawyers, non-profit organizations, chicken farmers, destination event planners, and industry leading website designers (just to name a few).

My words have done crazy, humbling things like:  


Website Designer and Brand Strategist for thought leaders and educators; I help entrepreneurs actually look different from trends and competitors so their business stands out, scales faster, and drives profits. 


Brand/Web Designer & Strategist

- Consistently bring in 5 and 6 figure launches
- Transitioning from client work to thriving passive income streams

- Majorly increasing website conversions

- And helping clients gain hundreds of leads through

- Strategically placed and attention grabbing designs

My signature brand strategy process, The Brand Mapping Method has not only helped my own business scale to six figures - but has acted as the turning point for my clients to do the very same. After successfully launching my own course multiple times, I understand the grind and how hard a launch can be and know how to make this process easier through the power of design.

My designs are trusted by 6 and 7 figure business owners who have leveraged their new brands (and the strategy behind them) to achieve BIG results like:



“Emma is a masterful thinker who sees the big picture and helps refine the message,”

"As someone who has launched for the last four years and studied launching, I've never seen someone pick up how to launch as quickly as Emma did. Emma is a masterful thinker who sees the big picture, helps refine the message, and ensures the right people are getting the right pitch, so your launch truly is a process of serving and not selling!"



"Emma, you are my launch coach for LIFE!"

“If you want to launch something of your own, YOU NEED THESE THREE POWERHOUSES!”

I NEED you three on my team for life! I hit the freaking JACKPOT with this launch team! If you want to launch something of your own, YOU NEED THESE THREE POWERHOUSES!


how much?

If you hired us separately to do what we do for 3, 2, 1 Launch, you'd be paying at least triple what we're charging. But we're so passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs like you get your incredible work out there RIGHT NOW, that we charge what we charge.

Sounding good but the real question is...

Although we quote each project individually (there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to launching), we've booked projects starting at $500, all the way up to $30k.

From a one-hour coaching intensive, to a full launch with all of the webinar and sales assets included.

We're not snobby about where you are in your business, we just know we have the resources to help, and we want to help if we can.

Even if you're feeling a little meager with your budget, still reach out for a call. We're still in the beginning stages of this service, and we want to serve as many clients as possible as we get our service out there.

We quote by how many days it'll take us to do the work. Right now, each of our day rates is 4000- to do work for 3, 2, 1 Launch, but as we continue our service, that price goes up...

did we mention how excited we are to be part of it?

Are you ready to have a strategic, seamless, and customized launch ready in three days flat?