Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

August 21, 2019

A few weeks ago, I was in the middle of encouraging one of my clients to “just get a draft of that email done and we’ll fix it!” 


She had been working for months trying to write one dreaded email sequence and I was giving her as many ideas as I could to just get that written.

Then she cut me off and said, “Emma. I hate writing emails. They each take me like two hours to do. Can we just write it together?”


At the time, I thought “gosh, does she really want to spend our precious time writing an email together? Isn’t this going to be so boring?” But I thought, “whatever will help her succeed!” 


So I pulled up a word doc, started asking her questions, told her exactly how and why I wrote what I wrote, and pretty soon we had an email with all of the right quirks for her, all of the right strategy and approach to make the marketing work, and something truly unique.


For the next few calls, we worked on the next emails, breaking down one of her biggest barriers for her launch together.


And in the process…I realized I have a LOT to say about emails. 


I have a lot to say about every individual email and every part to the email. 

I have a lot to say about how emails should connect from one to the next. 

And I have a lot to say about how to sell, how to connect, how to write subject lines. 


I studied email marketing with frustration for years before they started to feel a little easier. 


It’s not self-explanatory. I mean, I have a masters in writing and it still took me forever to figure out.


So it got me thinking…pretty much all of my clients struggle writing emails too. It’s a big barrier. And I used to think that they just needed to buckle down and make it happen, because that’s what I did…but not everyone wants to nerd out on marketing emails. 


Plus not to brag, but I have all of the writing analysis tools in my toolbox. Most people don’t. So instead, I asked every one of my clients on their next call if they’d want to do this email writing together too. Every single one nodded emphatically.


And I realized something: people don’t know what to say, how to say it, when to say it, why to say it. 

There’s all these experts talking about how you should have an email list. So you know you need one. But then it’s so hard to follow through because there’s very little guidance about what to actually say…


So maybe you don’t send stuff as often as you’d like. 


…or the stuff you’re sending isn’t working.


There’s very little about how to sell and serve in the same breath…

It’s time to start breaking that down. So I’ve decided that fall is going to be the season of revamping your email marketing (and ample mugs of wassail, too). 


You can expect help every week on Youtube, emails, and IG. I’m coming up with new resources like crazy and can’t wait to help you transform your email approach from the ground up. I promise, it’s not so scary.


Step one? Watch my new video: Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing. I’m sharing my best tips for writing emails that actually build relationships with your audience and drive sales.


By the end, you’ll understand the 4 types of strategic emails you need to use in your business consistently to see profits. No more sending out updates or stories that don’t connect with your audience. This is the same process I use in my own business and with clients to create repeat customers and die-hard fans. 



Be sure to leave a comment and let me know which email you’re going to implement first!

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