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"Emma's course not only gave me the tools/knowledge but most importantly, it gave me the confidence to jump in the driver's seat and be the creative director of my own story."

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Jan 2018-April 2018

It taught me all the nitty gritty details involving a styled shoot. It lays out everything you must know about creating a vision, putting a team together, reaching out to vendors and getting organized in order to perform a successful styled photo, whether it's an editorial or a branding campaign.

I had participated in way too many frustrating/unsuccessful styled shoots before so I wanted this to be different.

Emma's course not only gave me the tools/knowledge but most importantly, it gave me the confidence to jump in the driver's seat and be the creative director of my own story (at least, for the portion involving my paper goods). This made a huge difference...

A few days before the shoot, I put together different mood boards with my vision (how I wanted my flat lays to be styled, how I wanted the model to interact with the papers, the details, the angles, the croppings etc). I also selected the props that best fit with that vision and made sure to bring a bit extra of everything just in case of.

I "rehearsed" a few shots at home using my phone in order to try out a few vignettes so I wouldn't feel totally lost on the day of the shoot. While on the shoot, I made sure to talk to the stylist & photographer about my vision. I showed them the mood board and made sure I was in charge when my paper was photographed every step of the way. If something wasn't right, I didn't feel intimated to say "no, let's do this way instead". The preparation was key but the confidence was what drove me the entire time.

Whether or not the outcome (photos) will turn out good, I feel it was already a win for me to be able to take charge and be in control. Producing a successful photo shoot takes time & practice so I know that from now on it will be just a matter of time.

I'm not worried or unsure anymore because I'm armed with the best knowledge I can possibly have.

If you too have trouble with styled shoots - I hear you! The struggle is real. There aren't many courses out there teaching you the nitty gritty of things and unfortunately, the lack of instruction lead to frustration, wasted hours and "trauma" from a poor experience. 

I can't recommend Emma Natter's guidance enough. Her extensive experience as a brand stylist will be your best friend moving forward.

In fact, I not only recommend her styling expertise but her entire online course called The Aesthetic Way.

It will not only give you all the tools to build the foundation of a unique and distinctive brand, guide you through the steps of finding your voice and how to tell your story in a compelling way so you can stand out in a saturated market, but it will also teach you in detail everything that involves a styled shoot, from concept creation, putting together your dream team to organizing all you need to have a successful photo shoot. 

Don't waste more time (and money) in unsuccessful efforts! 

Jump on The Aesthetic Way. You will not be disappointed!

"The branding shoot chapter of The Aesthetic Way couldn't have come at a better time - just in time for my next styled shoot a few days later. 

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Come on, now. Do we really need to answer this question? She is her and you are you and there is no possible way to repeat exact successes without doing severe damage to you and your creative calling. You are not meant to do what she's done. Not because of any silly idea about who is more talented or inherently more valuable, but because you are unique, and so is your destiny. So we won't be cookie-cutter-ing you. If you feel a desire to accomplish similar things, that's great. Most of all, take that as a sign that you desire to do something as big and grand as this wonderful person, not that you want to do exactly what she's done.

The current marketing ways teach us that if we buy the exact things we will get exact results. This leads to pain. Instead, pay attention to how you feel. How you feel inspired as you realize that success is possible. And this is what it's looked like for her. But yours? Oh, my dear. It's going to be so much more beautiful than what you're even imagining now. Promise.

Founder of the EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship

I've been working with creative entrepreneurs for four years, helping thousands of people get clarity on their purpose by finding their Heart Story, and helping hundreds of creatives launch their businesses with my unique, creative processes. It's still unbelievable to me sometimes that using these methods has helped people to do things like make hundreds of thousands of dollars, buy their home, become the breadwinners for their families, tell their story in their own voice, sell out painting collections, and so much more.

I started my business in a small New York City apartment after my husband and I were both unemployed. I took some Home Depot supplies and opened a photography styling shop online. That morphed into consulting and coaching, and I've been obsessed with the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship ever since.

I created The EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship because I believe that you have something deep within you that you are meant to create. And yet, most of the help out there is either creativity focused and shirks business, or business focused and doesn't understand the creative heart. And you're left to do most of the translating between the two worlds alone.

Without the marriage of these two things, and without people around me to support me, my business progress failed over and over again. But once I figured out how to align creativity and business, and fostered relationships with kindred spirits, everything changed.

I am living a creative life, I am the breadwinner for my family, and I am so excited for what I am building. I feel deeply that I am creating what I'm meant to create, which is the short answer for why I created this school. She wanted to be created, and she chose me. 

In The EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship, I am not playing the mentor-who-knows-everything. Instead, I see myself as the gardener who nurtures the soil, turns on the sprinklers, checks on the plants, talks to them, closes the gates, prunes the fruit trees, researches and intuits obsessively about how to bring more abundance and joy into the garden, and shares her experience when it's relevant. I show up here for you because I believe in what you are creating. 

I can't wait to support you in your dreams.

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