The relationship-based Instagram caption writing method to cultivate a thriving, profitable community


Just a year and a half ago when our little family was unemployed and at rock bottom, I went to Home Depot and bought a few supplies to create a new product that spread like crazy. 

I had no idea it would be the beginning of a six figure empire, a business that could actually sustain our family, and a life where I feel creatively fulfilled every day.

Hi, I’m Emma Natter!

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If I can do this, I know you can too.

What if your captions could do this too?

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80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram? 60% of users find new products on Instagram?  

And that at least 30% of Instagram users have purchased a product they first discovered on Instagram?  

And you know who’s getting those sales? 

Good storytellers. And not just any kind of storytellers…good writers.

Because people have caught onto how important it is to have great images. So even when you do have great images nowadays, it’s hard to stand out.   

But writing captions that create a community…it’s the secret that most people haven’t caught onto…yet.

Did You Know That…

At least 30% of Instagram users have purchased a product they first discovered on Instagram. That means the link between instagram and the purchase button isn’t too far away. But how do customers choose? How to choose between 2 or 50 different people that pretty much look the same on Instagram?

Do you see it?

One that pulls you in. One that makes you feel like, “yes! This girl GETS me! She KNOWS what drives me nuts!” One that makes you feel like, “the next time I need new mascara, I’m definitely going to her for recommendations.” One whose story is so relevant that you send it to your sister who’s going through something similar. One that you remember even when you put down your phone. And then you mention it over dinner with your friends.

A great caption is hard to find.

What if your captions could do this too?

The truth is this: Only a tiny percent of people are using captions to their fullest potential. It’s kinda too late to stand out based solely on your images on Instagram. But…writing well on Instagram is seriously in its infancy.  

And this is a learnable skill and strategy. I’ve tested captions obsessively over the last two years, and I take you through every step of the way.

What if it were actually possible to stand out from your competition because you’ve got an in with the client?

What if you were already friends?

What’s in the course?

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You’ll feel your overall approach to Instagram captions completely transform into the game-changing, life-giving strategy that will bring you new friends who are looking to be customers.  

You’ll learn how to come from a place of service and generosity (which is both nourishing and super strategic) with every post.  

We’ll talk about what an Instagram caption is what it’s not. 

Avoid some of the biggest mistakes I see every day that turns customers and clients off.  

You’ll understand exactly the anatomy of a successful Instagram

You’ll analyze your captions from the past and make improvements accordingly for the future.

Dozens of prompts for you to nab for you Instagram.

Chapter 1:



You’ll learn exactly how to craft hooks that keep people glued to your captions.  

You’ll learn the only 5 writing skills you NEED to cultivate to write phenomenal stories in your captions.  

You’ll create memorable images with your writing that people can’t get out of their minds.  

You’ll learn how to write in a way where people feel like you get them. This will allow you to build an insane amount of trust. Which helps them feel super comfortable when it’s time to exchange goods or services for money down the line.  

You’ll learn how to keep people reading throughout an entire caption so they actually get to the part where you ask them to participate. The more they’re participating? The more likely they are to hire you.

Chapter 2:
Styling and Storytelling


Chapter 3 >>

You’ll learn how to write in a way that people simply enjoy reading and responding to. You’ll create a pleasant, worthwhile social media experience for them. Something far too many businesses don’t stand a chance against.  

You’ll learn how to be clear and concise so that your readers aren’t fumbling over unnecessarily long sentences.  

You’ll get my 4 structures to give you variety in the way you tell stories in Instagram captions, so it doesn’t just look the same every time.  

You’ll learn exactly how to craft questions that will get answers. People pouring out their hearts, making you laugh, telling stories that make you feel like you’re sitting together in a room, and create opportunities for your community to take action.  

Dozens of prompts to inspire you to write captions that gather.

Chapter 2:
Styling and Storytelling


Bonuses >>

Once you have your foundation and you understand what you need to do to tell your stories well, it’s time to layer on strategy.  

You will learn to write exactly what your followers need and want to hear with every post.  

You’ll learn how to finally speak your important message clearly and in a way that resonates!  

You’ll learn how to use your skills and gifts to create, yes, your best Instagram account, which ultimately means you’ll be able to BE YOURSELF. You’ll never look at another person’s style and wish you were more like them again.  

Finally, you’ll learn how to analyze your captions and regroup to create your next caption based on what you learn.  

Several dozen prompts that are appropriate for you and your audience. 

Chapter 3:
Customizing Instagram for YOU


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Video Trainings:

• How Long Should My Caption Be? 
• How to Use and Find Hashtags
• Productivity: Plan Efficiently
• Mastering Instagram or Introverts
• How to Be Appropriately Vulnerable

4-Week Content Calendar Boost


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In a few weeks, you’ll start seeing a noticeable change in the way people are responding to you! You’ll be at the top of your followers’ list when they need help with something you can solve.

Work through all of the content where you’ll practice and test your authentic caption style and strategy.

You’ll get immediate access to all of the content, including a workbook you can download or print and have at your side.

How does Captions that Gather work?

• You want to build real relationships with your audiences that bring the coolest clients and customers you could imagine
• You want to create a community that creates value in its own right and inspires people in the ways you are most passionate about
• You want to write in a way that connects but every time you open up Instagram, you have no idea what to write
• You write captions because you feel dumb posting a pic without a caption. They’re not great
• You don’t feel people engaging with your account as much as you’d like
• You feel like your account always gets overlooked
• You feel like a victim to the algorithm
• You want to be a sought-after account that really helps people

Great question! If you agree with 2 of the following statements, it’s perfect for you. 


Captions that Gather is a class you can listen to in under 2 hours and has material you can start implementing and seeing results as quickly as you can write your newest, most beautiful and enticing caption.

I know! Investing in your business is no small thing. And maybe you’ve been burned before.  

But my growth in 2017 started with a scary investment. We were at rock bottom. We were jobless. I felt like I was crazy. But I had a vision. And I knew what I wanted. And I bet on myself. My best advice? Bet on yourself too.  

Still, it’s important to me that you to have 30 days to really try it and work as hard as you can.   

If you spend 30 Days in Captions that Gather, I’m confident you are going to feel and see changes in your life and your business. But if you’re not seeing any change in your approach or engagement, let us know and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. It’s the simplest return policy we’ve ever offered.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I don’t know why I’m resisting the inevitable! I need this! Let’s do it.

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It seems too simple-to-be-true that you can really make a drastic change in your engagement by taking this 2 hour course, but it is THAT EASY! 

I used to have only 1-2 comments per post, and now I’m up to 10-20. I’ve also gained about 50 new followers in just one week! I swear, Emma’s a miracle maker!

Want to learn how to chat about your imperfections while still being optimistic?!

Emma’s new Captions that Gather course was the perfect bite-size course for me to change the way I write my Instagram captions to be more authentic, true, and engaging.

Photographer, Attorney | @paigemariephoto



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Emma carefully points out all the nuances of a great Insta caption–crafting the hook, the hero’s journey, the story structure, the narrator, and cutting out the clutter–without all the fluff! She gets straight to the point and really hones in on good story telling.  

I had multiple “ah-ha” moments that have helped me get back to my roots and write intentionally. If you’re feeling stuck with Instagram and want a little pick-me-up, confidence booster that will get you well on your way to caption greatness, Emma’s course is just that! 

I cannot recommend it enough! 

 My followers have been engaging more, I’m feeling more alive with my comments, and the words are coming off my tongue effortlessly.

Photographer, Attorney | @paigemariephoto



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Before I started this course I was really struggling with getting good authentic engagement on instagram. 

It seemed like no matter what I tried, my instagram captions felt boring and too forced. 

I decided to take CTG because I had seen amazing results with Emma's Instagram and if I could get that kind of result, it would be totally worth it. And it definitely was! 

Before I was getting one or two comments per post, now I'm getting around 10-15 people commenting. 

And not just commenting things like "pretty" or "I love this!" 

I'm getting deep authentic comments that are building REAL relationships, which is number one to me! Thanks Emma!

Graphic Designer | @carlianna_



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Emma's course, Captions that Gather, is a game changer!   

I love how she breaks down each part of a potential caption and gives you quick, but tangible tips to quickly begin using! She opened my eyes in a lot of ways on how to truly capture the attention of my audience without over-sharing or adding in un-needed fluff!   

Before taking her course I was feeling burnt out and not sure what to share anymore, but now I am viewing writing captions in a whole new way and actually enjoy sitting down and planning out my content! 

This course was super easy and quick to take, which is a huge bonus, and allows you to put what you learned into action immediately! I can't recommend it enough!

Wedding Photographer, Educator | @abbywallerphotography


I’m ready to be the next success story.

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If you would’ve asked me five years ago what my career plans were, I would’ve told you my goal was to write novels while my babes napped. It’s why I got an MFA in creative writing.  

In the end, I started a business. A few months in, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.  

Turned out that about 90% of business is about marketing. Who knew. I always thought the people studying marketing in college seemed kinda slimeball-y. And my business wasn’t making a cent. It was a dark place for us. We felt stupid, hopeless, and we wondered if this would work.  

But I just knew I could do this. So we put everything into my business and I finally got the right mentors I needed, and everything changed.   

The money came. The growth came. The new followers, the new clients, the new students, the new opportunities, the new sales...they all came. In just over a year of making my first sales, I crushed the 6-figure barrier.   

And when I stopped for a second to look around at my community, I realized I was building something much bigger. 

I surrounded myself with savvy creatives and artists, ready to have a good, real impact on the world.   

I do this stuff from my apartment in New York City. We get to build our life filled with what’s most important to us: love, freedom, creativity, travel, culture, art, good books, good conversation, good food, groundedness. We don’t have it all figured out, but we’re constantly working toward living and giving as our very best selves.  

Is that something I could help you do too?

Hey! I’m so glad you asked. Because that means you’re thinking about letting me coach you with your writing and business.  
I’m Emma Natter and I was honestly never interested in having a business. That’s why it’s kind of ironic that I’m now a business coach…but it’s not ironic that storytelling is at the heart of everything I do.

Wondering Who I Am?

Do you want what you say to resonate?  

Then this course is going to pay off for you easily. 

For a coach? The whole course, this course costs less than one session for you.  

For a photographer? That’s a fraction of a session.  

For shop owners? That’s a few orders.  

All of these can easily pay off the cost of your enrollment.  

What I find a gain and again is that the money I invest into my business education comes back again and again. And this course is just that: an investment. 

Goodness I get it, my friend. Maybe you’ve been burned by courses before, or you feel like you’re just throwing your money at the wall to see if anything sticks.   

And honestly, the last thing I want you to do is invest your money into something that doesn’t pay off for you.

But if there’s one thing I know about business growth, is that when I choose the right teachers, whose message I truly resonate with, and invest in them and their products, I’m never disappointed.

Would you like to build a more loyal community? Would you like to find your clients and customers hiding so sweetly in the comments under your beautiful captions?

Would you like your message to stand strong and resonate with the people who need to hear it?

Honestly, this is sounding like exactly what I need. How much does it cost?

So ready to invest in my community!

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• Captions that Gather (3 chapters)
• Bonus Video Trainings 
• Worksheets 
• 1-Month Content Calender

Here’s What You Get:

I’m super busy. How much time do I have to set aside for this?  

This is definitely a go-at-your-own-pace kind of course. Some people will binge the whole thing and start implementing immediately. If that’s you, more power to you! But if you just don’t have time to front-load your work, that’s no problem! Just listen a piece at a time when you sit down to write a caption. Try and implement one principle. You’ll start to feel and see a difference with every change you make.  

Would it be a problem if I bought now and dove into the course later?  

Absolutely not! This is a go-at-your-own-pace course. So whenever your schedule lets up a little, you can dive in. This course is designed to give you more freedom and more value in your Instagram and community. Not to make you feel even more restricted by your to-do list. Whenever you’re ready and have a minute to bring a breath of fresh air into your account, Captions that Gather will be ready for you.  

If I don’t have a business or product yet, can this still help me?  

For sure! Building a community is one of the best things you can invest in doing right now while you figure out the product stuff. It’ll be the perfect place for you to do market research and product testing. I can’t overstate how true that last sentence is. And it’s totally doable on Instagram. 

Right now is super busy! Do I have to stay on a certain timeline?  

Absolutely not! You can watch the videos a little bit at a time, or you can binge the whole thing in a little less than two hours. You have lifetime access, so you can absolutely go at your own pace and listen and re-listen to all of the content as many times as would be useful for you!  

How long do I have access to the course? Does it expire?  

You’ll have lifetime access to this course. So that means that no one can wrangle your membership away from you! You’ll have this content available for years to come.  

I’m a product-based business. Will this work for me?  

Absolutely! The way business is going right now, every business needs to create more of a relationship with their customers. Loyalties to faceless brands are down more than ever. And it’s absolutely your time to step in and create a community of loyal customers and community-members.

I’m a service-based business. Will this work for me?  

For sure! You’re working person-to-person, and that means that trust is more important than ever. In order to differentiate yourself, you can absolutely see growth by writing captions that truly create trust and community.

I’ve bought other courses about Instagram before and I’m worried that this is just another one. How can I be sure that this is different?  

Well, let’s talk about what this course isn’t. It’s not a course designed to keep you on a social platform for hours every day that is sucking the life out of you. I will never tell you to engage with people just for the sake of growth. This is all about quality over quantity. Speaking your truth. Serving your people. So that you can do the work you truly love and also have a life. And honestly? I’ve seen a lot of the Instagram courses out there. And the ones written by good writers, talk about what they’re doing but they don’t talk about HOW. How to write with style, finesse, and more. The nitty-gritty. That’s something I can bring my college-level teaching into for ya.

Slow Exhale. Everything is about to change.

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