4 very real things are happening in my life right now:   I’m turning 30 this Friday the 13th I nervously walked up to Michael and said, “I have to talk to you about something…” (all will be revealed on Friday). We finally got an offer on our NYC apartment (which is the reason we’ve […]

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September 11, 2019

Email Marketing 2019 Tips

Okay. So. whether or not you love Taylor Swift or hate her, you HAVE to give her props for the way she connects with her audience.  I had some major insight into what it means to build a relationship with an entire audience that feels individual, and I was majorly impressed! Read on to learn […]

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September 14, 2018

What Taylor Swift Taught Me About Audience Relationships at Her Reputation Concert

Okay first, I know I’m a major nerd when it comes to Harry Potter even now…but I’m not as obsessed as I used to be. As a teenager, Jim Dale’s voice reading each book used to be my soundtrack for getting ready for school, doing my chores, long road trips, and working on art projects.  […]

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August 14, 2018

The 1 Thing Harry Potter World Taught Me About Creating Amazing Customer Experiences

When we were taking dumb pictures in front of the Sphinx in Cairo, I never imagined that almost eight years later, Gretchen and I would be sitting on the roof of an airbnb in Florence looking over the old rooftops and domes of that beautiful old city with our respective spouses and talking about how […]


December 5, 2017

What Would You Say if You Could Talk to a Younger You?

Maybe it’s because it was the first time I had ever been skinny dipping (I know. I am that person.) that the memory of standing at the shore of the Puget Sound in my towel from a couple of weeks ago is still so potent in my mind. Maybe it’s because for that week, I had […]


September 26, 2017

What I learned from a midnight swim


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