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September 11, 2019

4 very real things are happening in my life right now:


  • I’m turning 30 this Friday the 13th
  • I nervously walked up to Michael and said, “I have to talk to you about something…” (all will be revealed on Friday).
  • We finally got an offer on our NYC apartment (which is the reason we’ve been parking it at my parents’ house for the summer.
  • We FINALLY decided where we’re going to live at least for the next few years (all will be revealed on Friday). 


As the protagonist of my own life, my mind is reeling with all of the changes.


And as someone who writes emails partly to keep you updated on what’s going on over at Emma Natter, dear email subscriber, it can be kind of hard to keep it all straight.


What to say first?


What are you actually going to care about?


What do you even want/need to know?


Are you getting bored reading?


Am I even helping?


Goodness, do I know the feeling.


That’s why in today’s Youtube episode, I broke it down into 13 tips (in honor of my birthday on the 13th!) to keep in mind to help you create long term relationships with your email audience, as well as help them take action in the short term.


Watch it here! 


You’ll learn how to grow a loyal audience who trusts you, engages with your emails, and buys your stuff again and again. (Spoiler: it’s kind of like relationship building in real life, there are certain moves that you have to make to lay a good foundation so that the relationship will continue to grow).


Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know which tip stood out the most to you! I have to say, #9 and #13 are my favorites.

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