Get more organic followers on Instagram (2019)

July 3, 2019


I spent last Saturday going to all the coolest little beauty brands in SoHo.


And no, it’s not because I’m incredibly on trend in the beauty industry, it’s because my sister Lauren is. 


We went to this beautiful little pop up shop for skincare called Soko Glam (where Lauren was chatting it up with the founder). 


We checked out Glossier where I showed Lauren some really new fun glitter products that I was going to try…and she already owned them. 


And we went to a couple of other places where she introduced me to all of her favorite brands and products (let me tell you…the girl has a ton and now I’m armed with an arsenal of beauty products for any occasion). 


Actually, she now has a group chat where her friends ask her all things skincare and makeup…


See how she just got new “followers” for these brands totally organically? Lauren doesn’t get paid to do this (although sometimes I think she should…)


It’s funny because Instagram often mirrors real life. And a lot of the hard won lessons I’ve learned and teach my clients about growing a following on social media were illustrated on that Saturday.


I mean, I DID grow to 12k in just a few years organically. But it wasn’t luck that got me there.


In today’s video, I’m teaching you three fresh steps you haven’t already heard to get more organic followers on Instagram. If your follower count seems to be frozen and you refuse to buy followers…by the end you’ll have my favorite new way to get organic followers for free! This is the exact strategy I see some of the biggest accounts out there using right now to get their content seen by new followers and I want you to stop leaving this awesome strategy on the table! 


Come watch right here! 


Leave a comment and let me know which tip surprised you the most. I’ve never shared these tips publicly so I’m dying to know which one piqued your interest.


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