How to Write our Origin Story for Business

November 6, 2019

So we were just in Italy for a week and we went to this restaurant the first night in Naples. 


Naples is where pizza was invented, right? So I was obviously so excited. I’d been there ten years ago and I kept telling Michael, “I just cannot wait. I’ve literally been waiting months to go eat this pizza.”


So we get to the restaurant and we’re looking through the huge menu and I knew deep down that what I mostly wanted was a margherita (ever romanticizing, I just thought “wow I want the most classic kind of pizza in the place where it was originated”). 


But it felt so lame to just get a margherita. So we got a couple other kinds. One of them was broccoli and sausage (not good) and the other was a weird, specialty fried calzone and it was okay.


(Us in Pompeii just hours before our major menu ordering mistake) 


But…I only wanted to eat the margherita and so did Arthur which means I only got two slices and was so disappointed So disappointed in fact, that I made a promise to myself that the rest of the time I was there I would ONLY eat margherita pizza. Over and over people in my group kept getting other kinds of pizza and they were often disappointed. 


But I was never disappointed. Because my original, Naples style margherita pizza never failed me.


And really, I think it’s because a margherita pizza in Naples is like the ORIGIN of pizza. That is so powerful to me. Like I can enjoy any other “Naples style” pizza in the US, but I’ll always remember that ONE pizza I had ten years ago in Italy and all the incredible history that surrounds it. 


Actually, it’s kinda like that origin story makes the pizza taste better because I can get personally invested in it. 


The same concept goes for your business’ origin story. You know you’ve heard that you should have an origin story about where your business began and why you started it in the first place. But maybe you feel like: 


  1. a) you don’t have one 
  2. b) it’s not interesting or 
  3. c) every time you write it, it comes out sounding really stupid


In today’s video I’m going to give you my top tips for discovering and then writing your origin story so that your future customers and clients will feel a personal, strong connection that make them want to support you and invest in the work you do. (Or if we go back to the pizza example, will make them passionately order your margherita pizza over and over again).


Watch How To Write The Origin Story For Your Business

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