How asking questions in your images will keep people looking longer

September 5, 2017

When my sister was really young, she used to tell us stories about her friends at school that would drag on and on. She was adorable, but I remember watching her talk and think, “okay, what am I supposed to be listening for right now?” I know, it’s so rude of me to think that. And I know I tell stories plenty of times where my husband looks at me like, “okay, what was the point of that again?” So I get that it can be rough to stay focused and to set up a story well.

The same thing can happen with photos.

Even if you’ve got the most beautiful fine-art type look, if you’re not asking questions, it’s easy for your potential clients and customers to just keep scrolling. But asking them is probably easier than you think. And your favorite images of yours are probably the ones that ask the best questions.

So let’s play a game. I want you to look at each photo and see what question it’s asking you. Then I’ll tell you mine! (Just so you don’t feel “wrong” if your answers are different than mine, I am a pluralist and truly believe in multiple right answers!)

D’Arcy Benincosa

What do the hands of an artist look like?

Donny Zavala (Florals by Kelsey Ter Meer)

How do the flowers slide so effortlessly and happily from deep, warm hues to white?

D’Arcy Benincosa

Will they kiss?

Donny Zavala

What is she doing in Central Park on her wedding day on her own and can we join?

Julie Cate Photography

Would you like some grapefruit and grapefruit curd?

Mandi Nelson (Art by Carli Anna)

What does the artist’s desk look like when she’s drawing?

I love this exercise because it forces me to really be thinking about the purpose of every photo. To be intentional with every shot. Plus it just makes things a little more fun.

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