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May 15, 2019


I was in one of those Holden Caulfield-esque cliche “why doesn’t anyone understand me???” moods, pacing around our New York  apartment. Even the great light that filters through our windows couldn’t make me feel better because there was one thing I could say without a doubt:


…people couldn’t understand what the heck I did to make money. And heck, even I couldn’t explain it when people asked.


What I wanted to say was, “Well, I just work really hard and money comes out!” I also wanted to tell them five different titles I felt like I held…Art Director, Stylist, Strategist, Educator, Coach. But the more I looked at those on my website and my Instagram bio…the more I realized people had NO IDEA how to hire me.


My creative whimsy to call myself what I felt excited about was actually a BARRIER to growing my audience and having people hire me.


And once I finally chose ONE clear title to encompass them all, it seemed like me, my husband, my audience, my clients, my students all breathed a clarity-filled sigh of relief.


If  you’ve ever wondered if your Instagram bio is actually working for you (instead of confusing the crap out of people like mine was), I’ve got just the thing for you…



I’m spilling the 6 must-have elements of your bio that are like candy for your future audience.


By the end of the video you’ll be able to create your go-to, foolproof, professional yet approachable bio fit for a sought-after brand in your niche. I’ve tested these strategies on myself as well as hundreds of students and clients…and the impact is incredible.



Now I want to hear from you. What resonated most about these ideas and why? Which ones are you implementing into your Instagram bio as we speak?

Leave a comment over on Youtube and share as many details as you can. There might be someone in our community who is looking for exactly what you have to share.

It truly is crazy how a little bio makeover can lead to a more profitable and engaged community. I can’t wait to see how your Instagram presence shifts as a result of these small but mighty tweaks.

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