Instagram for Business Beginners

July 24, 2019


Little-known fact: I let my phone die on Friday after work and I didn’t turn it on until Monday morning. 


BIG DEAL for me, although for the rest of the world, it’s probably nothing.


What it really means for me is that it’s been a transition for sure getting used to a new set-up now that we’re here in Oregon (fyi we just moved from New York City, if you’ve been traveling the world/behind in your emails/turning off your phone too)! Such a transition that I needed extra brain space that my phone was holding too much of.


Instead, this weekend’s been full of lots of swimming with Arthur in my parents’ pool, cutting out sugar for a few days to remind my body what life without roadtrip milkshakes and soda is like, and starting a new exercise routine. All together, this has felt like a world-bending thing. (Not to be dramatic, but it feels like life in New York was heavy on surviving and not on living. Heavy on working and not on rest. Just call me the queen of New York cliches as I try to wrap my head around this…I’m aware.)


What I’m trying to say, is that I’m in a period of new beginnings.


And it got me thinking…I wonder if I could put together a video that would go through the basics of all of the different Instagram platforms-within-the-platform? (If you haven’t kept track, there’s 5 now. Yes, FIVE platforms in one single platform.)


So…it begs the questions: How and when to use these?? And what do you prioritize 

(especially if you’re just getting started?)


So I came up with this video.


Because honestly, Instagram is overwhelming…and if you’re not careful, and if you don’t do it right, it can be the BIGGEST time suck in your business and life and give you nothing in return. 


Mindless scrolling, spending an hour editing one picture, refreshing to see if anyone’s watched or commented, playing around on your favorite planning app to create the most beautiful of grids…I’m not saying that to make you feel bad. I’ve literally wasted dozens, if not hundreds of hours doing all of the above.


Watch the video to understand exactly how and where to focus your energy into one of the best free marketing tools at your disposal. By the end, you’ll have a firm grasp on all the ways Instagram can move the needle forward in your business and the strategies I use for myself and my clients.


This information would have saved me SO much time when I was struggling to get started! Click here to watch link to video


Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what strategy you’re going to try this week! 


Talk soon,


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