Instagram Posts for Business (10 IDEAS TO STEAL)

May 8, 2019


If you’ve ever totally messed up…in front of hundreds of people, this one is for you.


There I was, stuffing a piece of candy in my mouth to help me calm down before going Live for the very first time on YouTube last week…


I was prepping to make my wins small wins. “One person said they found it valuable! It was all worth it!”


I even pressed “go live” and literally no one was there after sending like 7 emails and talking nonstop about it over Instagram…


But I decided to POWER THROUGH like the stubborn person I am and spoke to my computer animatedly (and totally alone) for ten minutes.


Until someone on my team texted, “hey you haven’t shown up live yet! Everything okay??”


And I realized I was streaming in private mode.


Instead of wallowing though…I pressed “end,” “go live again” and made sure it was “public.”


And good thing I decided not to wallow because people have been posting about this video like crazy all over Instagram. People are changing their entire approach to this little app from ONE VIDEO.


And that ONE VIDEO now has over 1200 views.


It doesn’t matter if you mess up! What matters most is that you share what you feel CALLED to share.


Which brings me to my next thing…


The questions have been flooding in since the video went live:


If I’m no longer supposed to be curated…what do I post??


So I’ve got 10 business ideas you can steal for what to post on Instagram!


You’ll learn:


-How to overcome blinking cursor syndrome

-When to post on your posts vs stories…

-How to cultivate that closer relationship with your followers

-How to talk about your offerings without being awkward or overly salesy

-How to talk about your journey without gushing so much that no one cares except your mom



Now I want to hear from you. What resonated most about these ideas and why? Which one are you going to put into your content calendar today?

Leave a comment over on YouTube. Please share as many details as you can. There might be someone in our community who is looking for exactly what you have to share.


It really is possible to create something TODAY that will help someone…no matter if you have a few trip ups along the way. What you have to create is beautiful, important, and powerful. In other words, MATTERS.


Thanks for being here and sharing your creativity, your ideas, and your heart!


Cheering you on,




P.S. Do you have a business friend who’s always struggling with figuring out what to post? Forward this to them so they can have 10 ideas for better posts right now!

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