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"Emma's course has completely changed how I look at my business and I have already made back in revenue what I spent on the course and more."

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I knew I really needed help with launching my online styling shop

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As a long time admirer of Emma's work, I saw how she kicked ass in launching her own products and knew that she would be able to show me the way to launch my shop and bring in the revenue that would allow me to provide my family with the life I want them to live.

And I'll be completely honest when I say I was a bit skeptical with the different marketing strategies she suggested but I trusted in Emma's process and gave everything she said a go and it worked. I made over $6K in revenue from my shop launch in just a week and I continue to bring in regular income from the shop (sometimes even without doing much!) now. 

The Aesthetic Way armed me with all the strategies I needed to market and connect with my audience. It encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and try out different strategies to connect with that audience. And the community that Emma built through The Aesthetic Way provided me with all the support I never would have imagined existed.

The private Facebook group has been invaluable and without all the other students' amazing support who constantly share and cheer each other on, I would have never been brave enough to attempt things like Instagram Live!

I now feel so much more confident about how to move forward in my business strategically and feel like I can tackle anything and launch more products in the future! I would definitely recommend The Aesthetic Way to anyone who wants to create a brand that's beautiful AND profitable, anyone who wants to take their already beautiful brand and business to a whole new level or anyone who just feels overwhelmed with the whole process of running a creative business. I cannot recommend it enough.

Emma's course has completely changed how I look at my business and I have already made back in revenue what I spent on the course and more.

"I signed up to The Aesthetic Way because I knew I really needed help with launching my online styling shop selling my handmade surfaces and thoughtfully curated ceramics. I was feeling so overwhelmed by the whole "launch" process and didn't have a clue how I could move forward with launching my products in a way that made sense as well as make the most impact to my ideal audience.

Launched brand new styling shop

Made back investment and more 

Made $6k in shop launch

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Come on, now. Do we really need to answer this question? She is her and you are you and there is no possible way to repeat exact successes without doing severe damage to you and your creative calling. You are not meant to do what she's done. Not because of any silly idea about who is more talented or inherently more valuable, but because you are unique, and so is your destiny. So we won't be cookie-cutter-ing you. If you feel a desire to accomplish similar things, that's great. Most of all, take that as a sign that you desire to do something as big and grand as this wonderful person, not that you want to do exactly what she's done.

The current marketing ways teach us that if we buy the exact things we will get exact results. This leads to pain. Instead, pay attention to how you feel. How you feel inspired as you realize that success is possible. And this is what it's looked like for her. But yours? Oh, my dear. It's going to be so much more beautiful than what you're even imagining now. Promise.

Founder of the EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship

I've been working with creative entrepreneurs for four years, helping thousands of people get clarity on their purpose by finding their Heart Story, and helping hundreds of creatives launch their businesses with my unique, creative processes. It's still unbelievable to me sometimes that using these methods has helped people to do things like make hundreds of thousands of dollars, buy their home, become the breadwinners for their families, tell their story in their own voice, sell out painting collections, and so much more.

I started my business in a small New York City apartment after my husband and I were both unemployed. I took some Home Depot supplies and opened a photography styling shop online. That morphed into consulting and coaching, and I've been obsessed with the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship ever since.

I created The EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship because I believe that you have something deep within you that you are meant to create. And yet, most of the help out there is either creativity focused and shirks business, or business focused and doesn't understand the creative heart. And you're left to do most of the translating between the two worlds alone.

Without the marriage of these two things, and without people around me to support me, my business progress failed over and over again. But once I figured out how to align creativity and business, and fostered relationships with kindred spirits, everything changed.

I am living a creative life, I am the breadwinner for my family, and I am so excited for what I am building. I feel deeply that I am creating what I'm meant to create, which is the short answer for why I created this school. She wanted to be created, and she chose me. 

In The EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship, I am not playing the mentor-who-knows-everything. Instead, I see myself as the gardener who nurtures the soil, turns on the sprinklers, checks on the plants, talks to them, closes the gates, prunes the fruit trees, researches and intuits obsessively about how to bring more abundance and joy into the garden, and shares her experience when it's relevant. I show up here for you because I believe in what you are creating. 

I can't wait to support you in your dreams.

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