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Term begins May 3, 2022

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We'll focus on creating consistent content that feels aligned, moves your bottom line, and supports your creative process.

Let's do this together.

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Jaime sold out of the painting collection that truly felt like her, and hit her beyond-imagination $10k dream:


jaime arlene

Hailey set an unimaginable goal to create consistent $3k months for next year...only to secure that revenue within just nine weeks:

Brand Designer

Hailey hart

Creative entrepreneurs deserve better.

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-Cohort sizes of 14 students or less
-Reverence for the creative process
-Decolonized curriculum & coaching
-Support for longterm fulfillment, success, and wealth
-Dedicated coach to review your work
-Personal accountability for your specific goals

courses offered winter term

intro to creative entrepreneurship & business

intermediate creative entrepreneurship & business


Writing for creative entrepreneurship 

Get your heart-led business idea off the ground in 90 days.

Build a sustainable business model tailored to satisfy your creative calling.

Build and lead a successful team to scale your growing company.

Write heart-aligned powerful copy that connects with and converts customers.

core programs

elective programs

LECTUREs on creative entrepreneurship series

A monthly opportunity to learn and implement cutting edge ideas at the intersection of creativity and business.

money mindset for creative entrepreneurs

Set yourself free from your limiting money beliefs and achieve your revenue goals.

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length of program

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typical 1-1 coaching



Options range from $97/month to $4950/year

Access to coach

0-2o minutes total

0-2o minutes/week

8 weeks

3-12 months

3-12 months

90 days-support year after year

15-60 minutes/week

Authoritative one size fits all

Authoritative one size fits all

Authoritative one size fits all

Collaborative, nurturing style to facilitate clarity & alignment



0-3 events/year

One size fits all

One size fits all

One size fits all

critical, creative, spiritual, how-to

Group of thousands

5-30 people


Cohort of 14 students or less


1 in-person event/year

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Root out exploitative business practices

Scholarly deconstructions, critical small group conversations, and a practical life-giving approach to business inspired by BIPOC artists, LGBT authors, and Emma's Sacred Stories.

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Create what you were meant to create

Our mission is to increase powerful authentic businesses and reduce artificial, one-size-fits-all businesses. 

You'll have a coach and intimate cohort of 14 students or less standing by to be your metaphorical midwives.

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Build sustainable wealth and success

A unique process for deep clarity on long-term goals and weekly accountability on your short-term goals. Weekly money mindset coaching. A data tracking process that accounts for both the measurable and immeasurable progress of your business.

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Jennifer doubled her previous year's income to bring in $185k! Her business strategy? To only do what sounded fun:

Branding Sociologist

Jennifer walter

Brianna made in 2 months what she used to make in 1 year:

Printmaker and Book Artist at Penrose Press

brianna tosswill

Enrollment Deadline: Mar 31, 9pm PDT

Enroll Now for Summer Term

Enroll now

Term begins May 3, 2022

We are proud to offer Full Tuition and Half Tuition Scholarships for BIPOC creatives. To get the information about our no-hoops registration process, or to contribute, click below.

BIPOC Creatives Scholarships

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Hear from our students

ali lanenga

kaileen elise

carli anna

“The energy from your lecture flowed out of you and into me and directly allowed me to charge $1400 for a client project. One photograph for $1400. Thank you!”

“Emma’s group coaching program has been an amazing source of support and inspiration for my business. In less than one full year of business, I have generated $21k in revenue through 75 one-on-one client sessions, group coaching, and virtual retreats.”

"The more I leaned into my weaknesses, things that didn’t make sense in my industry, the things that should’ve worked against me, the more success I’ve had."

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Read kaileen's case study

Read carli's case study

We're here to meet you where you're at, which means we have support levels and payment plans to match your circumstances and goals.

We have full refunds if you don't feel aligned with our approach after 7 days. Just let us know it's not for you.

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When it Comes to Enrollment,

You Have Options


Fall Term starts Sep 7
Winter Term starts the first week of January
Spring Term starts the first week of May

Each term is 14 weeks long.

Great question! If you take a class as an independent study student, the prices vary from $20-$1997. If you're a full-access student, you'll pay a consistent full-access price for however many terms you decide to stay with us. Whatever you pay now, you'll pay that much for however long you'll stay with us.

We are committed to fighting racism, homophobia, patriarchy, colonization, and all other forms of oppression that keep people from creating the things they are meant to create. This status quo is unacceptable and we are committed to cultivating a new way of doing things to create a new world.

You can read our anti-racism letter here.

We are actively working to root out racism, homophobia, patriarch, and colonization from our programs and business. We recognize that this is an ongoing process. We welcome your feedback and perspective as we continue to cultivate an inclusive community that can serve as a safe place for all who feel a desire to create.

We also have half-tuition scholarships for BIPOC creators. There is no application or hoops to jump through. Please simply email support@emmanatter.com to claim your scholarship.


If you haven't finished TAW, you'll have support around you to navigate the trickier parts and have friends cheering you on throughout the whole process.

If you've finished TAW, you'll be able to jump straight into the curriculum, Intermediate Creative Entrepreneurship & Business.

I find that for many TAWers, after some initial success, they often feel like...what's next? How do I navigate what I'm wanting to create next?

For years, I tried to find a step-by-step solution for this, and I've finally found the answer I was looking for and I can't wait to share it with you.

Definitely not.

While artists often come to me, it's not because of the medium with which we create.

It's about how we FEEL about what we create.

If you feel called to do what you're doing, this is the place for you. If it feels beautiful, creative, meaningful (or you would like it to), this is the place for you.

It just happens that usually artists are the ones who own up to feeling this way...or maybe artists have kind of monopolized feeling called to do certain things. But if you feel called to science, to fitness, to social work, to travel, to coaching, to sports, to decorating, to botany, to photography...this is for you.

Per my own experiences and my Sacred Stories, I'll often be using analogies and metaphors on the artistic side of life. If you enjoy reading, school, magic, gardening, family, movies, plays, music...you'll likely connect more to the material. But you do not need to be a painter, photographer, musician, or designer to be here. We love variety.

In short, yes. But not because you're an artist. But because of how you feel about what you create. 

We are nurturing and cultivating a community full of the next Mindy Kalings, Brené Browns, Annie Leibovitzs. We are the Inklings (the writers group at Oxford where CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and others met together weekly) of right now.

If I can be so bold, this is where you're meant to be. End of story.

Yes. As long as you love making sandwiches.

Yes. As long as you love science.

Yes! If you're not sure where to begin, take the placement assessment or email us and we'll help you get situated in the perfect place for you.

If you're ready to make this happen, absolutely.

You'll begin with Intro to Creative Entrepreneurship & Business, receiving support from the community aspects of The Order as you get your business up and running in the heart-led way you desire.

I understand. Money is stressful. Spending money is stressful. Investing in your business is stressful.

I'm going to talk about resources available to you as well as some thoughts I have about investing in your business.


- 5kTurnaround. The 5k Turnaround weekly coaching call is going to be specifically focused on paying off your yearly tuition. If you're showing up to these calls weekly and doing the assignments, you're going to find an aligned, easy way to make your money back far more quickly than you would expect. That's just what happens when we start to focus on something. You'll have resources, exercises, and ideas every single week to help you make that money. How long will it take? For some people, it'll take a week. Seriously. For others, it might take the whole year. The timing depends on your path, what you want, what you're ready for, what you'll allow into your life.

- Everything else. Literally everything in The Order is built to help you make money doing what you want to do. Half of the tactics in TAW are focused on quick returns, while the other half are investing in bigger returns later. Trust me, if you want to make that money back and you show up consistently and take action, it's going to happen. And even better, it's going to happen the way you want it to happen.


BRICK AND MORTAR COMPARISON: A few years ago, I talked to this awesome old couple about how they'd bought land in Southern California to build a swim and tennis club. Decades ago. Long before the housing market there went insane. They had to find investors, people they could borrow money from, SO many things so they could build out a brick and mortar business. It paid off many times over. It's a multi-million dollar business. But for that first decade or so? It was a lot of money without a clear return.

Starting your business on the internet means you don't need to pay for a store front. You don't need to pay for a bunch of stuff that that swim and tennis club owner had to pay for. You can start with very little overhead. Like, the most expensive thing might be this program. You don't have to buy land, pay rent, or own a factory. You can get started now. You can start making a profit very soon. (My husband quit his part-time job seven months after I started bringing in money.) But you don't need to feel rushed either. This is your life, not just a quick way to make money. How do you want to do it? How do you want it to feel? For real? Let's do it like that.

MBA COMPARISON: Another option you might have considered is to go get an MBA. That could be awesome. But MBA's often cost somewhere between $100k-$200k. And most graduates haven't even started their businesses yet.

Instead, we can get in the weeds and start making things happen NOW. You can do it. You can make money back quickly. You're perfectly capable of that.

Also, the pricepoint is what it is because I want to attract people who are serious about making their dreams happen, not JUST people who are looking for new friends and interesting things to listen to (although you will get that too).

That being said, if the timing isn't right right now, it's okay. I'm not going to twist your arm to get you to join now. I trust that you'll know when the timing is right. Put your desire out into the universe to be part of this program, and look for ways to make it happen. I bet you have the resources to make it happen sooner than you would've expected. 

That being said, whenever you are ready to join, whether that's now or later, it's going to be a little scary! You're going to feel a little nervous. Keep breathing, because what's actually happening is that you're EXCITED. And so am I. I can't wait to meet you.

Yes. We have half-tuition scholarships available for BIPOC creatives. Get the details here.

Yes, but you have to decide within 7 days of the term starting if you're a Full-Access Student, or 7 days of purchase if you're an Independent Study Student. Why? Because you'll know pretty quickly if you want to do things in this style. Plus, we really want to protect the intimacy of our cohorts. It's so important for students to feel safe in sharing their hearts, and that means having a dedicated surrounding them.

Also, remember that you're signing up for the kind of success that takes love, time, nurturing to see the achievements. Give yourself over to the process for one term (14 weeks). See what happens. 

While our vision is very purpose-driven, we are a for-profit business. We know that there are schools out there that have done some weird things when it comes to for-profit, and like pretty much everything else in business, we want to change the way things are done. We hope to show you in our words, actions, and intangibles that this is about so much more than profits. That's at the center of everything we teach, and we hope to lead by example. We know that having a for-profit business gives us the flexibility to use business as an instrument for high impact and high value and creativity on our community. 

It really depends! Some people take about 3-4 months, while others take a year or more. When you sign up as a full-access student, as soon as you're ready to move on to the next program, your ongoing tuition fee covers every program you'll take as you advance in the school with ongoing small cohort coaching. It's just like at a university, where your tuition allows you to keep taking classes.

We've designed the school to be your home base for your business. Check out Carli's case study to see what it looks like to do this work longterm. There's no need to wander, looking for the next big thing. You're home.

This is great and I'm so glad you're prioritizing major life events.

Having people who get you and that you can connect with while you're going through this might be just the thing that you need. It could be the perfect time to start The Order.

Alternately, you might want to dig in right before this major life things happen, and then let it stew. Reach out and tell us about your situation. We have some flexibility about membership for maternity leave, etc. We'd love to see how we can support you during this time.

Founder of the EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship

I've been working with creative entrepreneurs for four years, helping thousands of people get clarity on their purpose by finding their Heart Story, and helping hundreds of creatives launch their businesses with my unique, creative processes. It's still unbelievable to me sometimes that using these methods has helped people to do things like make hundreds of thousands of dollars, buy their home, become the breadwinners for their families, tell their story in their own voice, sell out painting collections, and so much more.

I started my business in a small New York City apartment after my husband and I were both unemployed. I took some Home Depot supplies and opened a photography styling shop online. That morphed into consulting and coaching, and I've been obsessed with the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship ever since.

I created The EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship because I believe that you have something deep within you that you are meant to create. And yet, most of the help out there is either creativity focused and shirks business, or business focused and doesn't understand the creative heart. And you're left to do most of the translating between the two worlds alone.

Without the marriage of these two things, and without people around me to support me, my business progress failed over and over again. But once I figured out how to align creativity and business, and fostered relationships with kindred spirits, everything changed.

I am living a creative life, I am the breadwinner for my family, and I am so excited for what I am building. I feel deeply that I am creating what I'm meant to create, which is the short answer for why I created this school. She wanted to be created, and she chose me. 

In The EN School of Creative Entrepreneurship, I am not playing the mentor-who-knows-everything. Instead, I see myself as the gardener who nurtures the soil, turns on the sprinklers, checks on the plants, talks to them, closes the gates, prunes the fruit trees, researches and intuits obsessively about how to bring more abundance and joy into the garden, and shares her experience when it's relevant. I show up here for you because I believe in what you are creating. 

I can't wait to support you in your dreams.

Who's Emma Natter?

Enrollment Deadline: Mar 31, 9pm PDT

Enroll Now for Summer Term

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Term begins May 3, 2022