Together, we’ll spend 2 days talking life and business while we eat the best food in the city, see some of the most beautiful that NYC has to offer, and let it all come together to marinate in one of the greatest cities in the world. You’ll find yourself having breakthrough after breakthrough as we dig in deep, problem solve, and brainstorm the best ideas for how your unique gifts and talents can best serve your business, creativity, and life.

People come to NYC every day to make their dreams come true. It’s your turn.

This is a one on one experience that is tailored for wherever you are on your creative entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re just beginning, or you’re trying to figure out how make your next big move.

2-Day Coaching in New York City

Looking for something a little less intense?

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One in-depth questionnaire before we meet to give you clarity and get my wheels spinning for how you can make your next best move.

Unlimited strategy and brainstorming talk while we are together ($4000 value). I’ll come prepared with tons of ideas for you, but there will be time for you to ask about anything that’s on your mind. I’m an open book!

What’s included?

Topics might include but are not limited to:

• Creating a product that will sell
• How to profitably align your business with your passions
• How to use your strengths as an unfair advantage
• How to improve your Instagram strategy
• Creating and launching an online course
• Email marketing (how to even start or the nitty-gritty advanced stuff)
• How to balance a family with business
• Networking with your idols
• Creating content that markets your products like crazy

An in-depth strategy and calendar for carrying out your next big idea ($2000 value)

One follow-up call within 4 weeks of the experience ($500 value)

Meals and places to visit in NYC tailored to your preferences and what I think will inspire you most.

3 delicious meals at some of my favorite places

Entrance into any cultural site or museum we may visit

Dec 20-21

Dec 6-7

Nov 29-30

Nov 15-16

Oct 25-26

Sep 27-28

Available Dates

3 monthly payments of 1200



“As a recipe developer, and not professional photographer or stylist, what you said really resonated with me! It’s imperative to tell a story and help your viewers achieve suspension of disbelief. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a flat lay…that has a random object that makes no sense….and just like that, they’ve lost me and I see through it all. A great foundation to have! Thank you so much!”

Taking the next huge leap in your business just got way easier.

Become partners

Working with a team of highly skilled and savvy designers, artists, tech wizards and gurus, I will support and guide you into the next successful phase of your business.

This is the most exclusive experience we offer at a highly-selective, high-level, close partnership here at Emma Natter to help you strategically take the next huge leap for your business and transform your brand for the better.

Maybe you’re looking to tell your story in such a compelling way that people can’t stop watching and buying...but you want to guarantee that you’ll hire the right storytellers the first time around.

Maybe you’re ready to make that content strategy happen that you just haven’t had the bandwidth for, but you want it to be strategic from the beginning.

Maybe you’re ready to take the leap into passive income and finally launch that course, but you need someone who’s been there before.

Maybe you’re ready for a face-lift for your brand and you want someone you can trust to guide you in every strategic decision.

Consulting and coaching in creating and launching an online course

Art direction, strategy, design, tech for a website, brand, or product launch or relaunch

Our time together may include, but is not limited to:

Just a year and a half ago when our little family was unemployed and at rock bottom, I went to Home Depot and bought a few supplies to create a new product that spread like crazy. 

I had no idea it would be the beginning of a six figure empire, a business that could actually sustain our family, and a life where I feel creatively fulfilled every day.

Hi, I’m Emma Natter!

But I know that what you’re creating is incredible and deserves to be out there! And I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work with you.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to know what the next step is in your business, and either not have the right network or the right know-how or even the right band-width to just make it happen.

Why become a partner with Emma?

Beauty Blogger Sara Dolores’ Skincare Product Launch

Chef Nicolette LeBlanc’s Lifestyle Blog and Cooking Course Launch

Singer/Songwriter Willa Oak’s Album Release and Tour

Want to see what my team and I can do? Check out these incredible brands.

Since this experience is catered directly to your needs, it’s impossible to say exactly how much the investment will be before we’ve had a chance to chat. However, this partnership is meant to create six-figure revenue increases for you, so the investment is correspondingly high up-front.

How much is the investment?

We’ll set up a call to figure out what next step you’re hoping to make in your business and how my team and I can support you best! Then we’ll start making things happen.

How does it work?

Launching soon...

People’s lives are changing. Is your story next?


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I was about 4 months into the startup of my business and my designs were all over the place, I had no real direction to my brand other than if it looked pretty and it pleased the client than I was okay with it. I was so sick of being price shopped, I felt like the only reason people wanted to hire me was because I was a newbie and would offer cheap prices. I knew people were doing almost exactly what I was doing but making so much more money, and getting these amazing clients with fabulous ideas. I wanted to reach these dream clients sooo badly but the climb seemed impossible. That's when I hired Emma!   

I wanted to believe that whatever Emma had to teach me, I could obviously learn on my own. That I would invest and think ya duh I learned that in my 8432 million workshops that I've already invested. But I was sooooo wrong. 

Even after the first session my mind was blown with all these ideas and concepts to help MY business grow. 

The concepts in the workshops I learned in the workshops made sense, but Emma was there to help me apply those to MY personal business, to help me figure why some concepts help and others don't.

Graphic Designer, Artist

Carli Anna Egbert


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Emma is not only such a gifted stylist and designer but she is an amazing teacher. She helped me understand concepts that the million of workshops that I bought couldn't, and then apply them into my own business. 

Her concepts are so adaptable and versatile. She's so ingeniously creative with her business concepts and ideas! 

I'm convinced there is nobody's business that she can't help. 

Yes yes yes, a million times yes, I would recommend Emma. I do all the time! Working 

Emma has been the single best thing I have done for my business. I do not consider Emma an expense, but a huge investment.  

Every creative out there trying to figure out where they belong in this industry... needs Emma and asap! Not even a day after my re-branding shoot I received so many inquiries that I had been dreaming about for months. I would have never been able to do it without Emma! I've had a lot of questions about what Emma has done for my business, she has helped me find my vision for my business, then portray that vision to ideal clients, reach my goals. 

She's helped turn my expensive hobby into a profitable business.

Graphic Designer, Artist

Carli Anna Egbert


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When I first started working with Emma, I was in need of a storyteller. 

I had spent so much time, money, thought and heart developing my products, and yet when I tried to communicate the beautiful story of what I had made, it seemed so much less compelling and powerful than I knew it to be. 

I felt frustrated that I was unable to portray my business for what it was, and I knew that I needed to be able to tell my story well if my business was going to thrive.

Emma's gift and training in the art of the story was apparent from the start. 

She worked to gently and patiently tease out first my own personal journey and then used that to define and contextualize the story of my business from all of the jumbled pieces had been looking at for so long. 

She helped me to see that some of the areas I had been focusing on were actually not where I felt the most confidence or enjoyment. Taking off the pressure of trying to be something that didn't quite fit allowed me to be able to identify what elements of my business made me feel the most confident. 

Papermaker and Letterpress

Loren Smith


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I realized that those were my "genius" areas where I could offer real value and service to my market.  

After working with Emma, our launch went so well that the number of orders and requests we had went beyond our capacity to fill them all in the time we had planned. 

Emma's immense gift as a story teller helped me to find my business' story, to own it, and then finally to communicate it. 

I cannot overstate how her services changed not only my business, but also my perspective on how much my business is an extension of my life and person. 

I would not be the same without her! I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Papermaker and Letterpress

Loren Smith


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Oh my goodness, where to start! Emma Natter has been a Game Changer in my creative world and small business.

I have taken many courses, learning bits and pieces from each one, but Emma’s guidance has made the greatest impact in my business and is THE BEST investment I have made to this day.

Emma helped me transform my aesthetic to what really feels like me! She's always urging me to make sure that I create an environment where I'm not working crazy hours so I can have a sustainable daily life. She helped me improve my systems, make connections with people that always felt like Instagram celebrities to me, and we are bringing in way more revenue than when we first started.

In just 3 months together, we 10x my revenue from what it was three months before we started working together.

We recently launched a new product using Emma's strategies, and within 10 minutes of the cart opening, we had already made a few dozen sales. 

Our weekly phone conversations were so significant in learning how to tell my story, how to live in the scrolling world of social media and how to JUST BE ME and tell my story.

Paper Maker and Letterpress

Sharon Kopko


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She would listen so attentively and ask me questions to coax out the tiniest details of my story, she really came to know me well. I am a visual learner and her ability to create a vision for me by sharing many examples was priceless. I saw an immediate growth in my business after implementing her suggestions and am so thankful that Emma became part of my life. 
One of my biggest hurdles was my fear of the youthful, perfect lives I see on social media. Emma’s teaching approach was instrumental in helping me overcome this fear. She helped me gain confidence
that I have something beautiful to offer the creative community. She is always kind, encouraging and thoughtful when giving suggestions without an ounce of intimidation.
I highly recommend making Emma part of your team! She will certainly always be part of mine and a life-long friend.

Paper Maker and Letterpress

Sharon Kopko

Before working with Emma I was banging my head against the wall trying to grow my business. I was convinced I just didn't have... it. I wasn't even sure what IT was, I just knew other people had it and I didn't. I had poured thousands into education before. Each time, I figured this would be the time everything changed! And each time, nothing really changed. Reluctantly, so reluctantly I invested in Emma.

Emma's guidance is unlike anything I've ever seen! It's like... one part style, one part soul, and ten parts kick in the pants. She pushes you to see everything differently and doesn't stop until you've executed on your dreams. Paradigm shifting is the best way I can describe it. The way I think and act in my business and the way I am able to pour into my amazing customers will never be the same. 

A few weeks after launching a new website using Emma's strategies, I had my highest revenue month EVER since I started my business in 2014. And the best part? I know it wasn't a fluke. I didn't get lucky. Now, thanks to Emma, I make my own luck. I hope every single one of you gets to experience that, as-soon-as-freaking-possible. 

Anna Peters


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