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August 7, 2019



As we were getting pretty turned around from wave after wave yesterday (I’m currently in Oceanside, California for my sister’s destination wedding), I looked over at Michael who was holding his own.


Just six years ago when we got married, he would rather lay on the sand 100% of the beach time and not join me in the water.


At the time, I was so disappointed. But year after year, he’s obliged when I’ve begged him to go into the waves with me.He went boogie boarding for the first time with me, and yesterday we brought boards out again into the waves.


I was a proud wife. And it got me thinking about what it takes to start from scratch.










And yet…we all have to start somewhere.


That’s why I created this video: Start Instagram From Scratch


If you’re starting IG from scratch or you’re wanting to start a new IG account, by the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how to get from the embarrassing stage of just a few followers to having an engaged community that’s ripe for growth. This is the same process I use and teach my students and clients to use when starting at zero.


Not only do I dive into the three major strategies you should be using to grow your brand new account, but I’ll tell you why you SHOULDN’T be relying on hashtags and comments to amass a following of strangers. (My tips are a bit more authentic and practical than that…) 


Watch the video, here


Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what stuck out to you the most (and what strategies you’re going to start using, stat). 


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