What Would You Say if You Could Talk to a Younger You?

December 5, 2017

When we were taking dumb pictures in front of the Sphinx in Cairo, I never imagined that almost eight years later, Gretchen and I would be sitting on the roof of an airbnb in Florence looking over the old rooftops and domes of that beautiful old city with our respective spouses and talking about how we can help women change the world. 

Then, a month or so after we got home from Italy, I got a call from Gretchen saying that she was starting a podcast: Thea Conversations (Thea means Goddess in Greek). She wanted to tell women’s stories. All of the stories. She didn’t care if they had a million followers or 40. She just wanted to tell stories about courage and power and what that looks like for a woman. 

Then she asked if they could interview me. I was so excited to share and be part of the conversation.

It was fun to tell my story and talk about the different ways I’ve struggled and been able to continue on my path. But I wasn’t prepared for when I suddenly lost it when they asked my what I would tell a younger Emma. It was 3 words. But I wish so badly I could’ve told myself this. Long ago. 

Go here to listen. Right now, they’re sharing all of their podcast episodes on a Facebook group you can join here to be part of the conversation.

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