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art director  |  business coach | Strategist  |  storyteller | educator


I'm Emma Natter.

I'm an Art director, Business strategist, and Brand storyteller, and i have a gift for seeing into the heart of A brand and telling its story well.

I've always been obsessed with the structure and art of storytelling (fixing my nerd glasses now). And business? Well, business is the vehicle to creating a beautiful, creative life. To me, strategy and storytelling are the same thing. Art directing is fun, but it doesn't do much without a great strategy. 

My favorite days are those spent making plans with clients to make five or six figures in their next launch to help them create the life of their dreams, directing stories at photoshoots, and exploring our next new favorite neighborhood in New York City with my husband and son.


Learn everything I know about styling flat lays in 5 days.

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Sign up below and for 5 days, you'll receive videos over email so you can watch my exact process and learn why flat lays are important in every story you tell, how to source the perfect props, how to arrange the  items on a surface in a way that both makes sense and is beautiful, how to elevate and refine your flat lay photos to communicate a cohesive, high-end, artistic brand and avoid so many of the mistakes I made learning this.


What previous students have to say about The Art & Science of Natural Flat Lay Styling

"Loved the first video, thank you! As a recipe developer, and not professional photographer or stylist, what you said really resonated with me! It's imperative to tell a story and help your viewers achieve suspension of disbelief. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a flat lay or really anything styled that has a random object that makes no sense...and just like that, they've lost me and I see through it all. The whole point is to tell a story and make your viewers feel something! Aha! A great foundation to have, thank you so much!"


"Hi Emma! I just wanted to let you know that I just finished up Day 1 of your Flat Lay Styling Course and am feeling so inspired already. You are truly a breath of fresh air and I can't wait for Day 2. Thank you!!"


"I'm really enjoying your class! Flat lays were always a little confusing to me as a viewer. I didn't understand they were trying to tell me a story by leaving out the unnecessary parts and just giving the important details for me to piece the story together. It makes me excited to notice and appreciate others' flat lays on a new level and to create my own flat lay stories."



Curious to See What I Can Do?



Learn exactly how I've taken beautiful, creative, businesses who were hungry for more to new heights in the creativity, impact, and revenue departments

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How Sara Found Her Voice, a 5-figure launch, and where she's on the road to next...

Pressed Paper's (Seemingly) Overnight Success

Mishku Studios' 4-Figure Launch (with 150 Followers) and the Job She Never Dared to Dream of  


You started this business so you could make money doing what you love... it shaking up to look that way?





Learn exactly how to create a life where you can make a living doing the work you love to do in my free 5-Day Challenge:

The Sustainable Artist Life. 

For 5 days, I'll send you emails that will teach you to harness your natural strengths, do what you love to do every day, and my exact strategy I use to ensure that I finish my projects (Say goodbye to trying to finish 10 projects at once).  



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You're ready for more depth in your creativity. to break through that revenue ceiling that's been driving you nuts. to feel like what you do seriously matters and it's the work only you can do.

the perfect marriage of storytelling and strategy (they really are the same thing) is below.








What Past Clients Are Saying

Previous one on one Clients:


Hiring Emma has been the single best thing I have done for my business and I know will always continue to be. I’m convinced there is nobody’s business that she can’t help.
— Carli Egbert
Emma’s immense gift as a story teller helped me to find my business’ story, to own it, and then finally to communicate it. I cannot overstate how her services changed not only my business, but also my perspective on how much my business is an extension of my life and person. I would not be the same without her! I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Loren Smith

Pilgrim & Co: The surface and prop shop 100% curated by Emma for the discerning stylist


What Our Customers are Saying

Words from Pilgrim & Co customers


"Before styling boards, I was left wanting when the environment lacked a great texture in good light. Pilgrim & Co's exquisite boards are my 'go to surface' for still-life and wedding styling. Their styling boards are the perfect size, texture and hue for any vignette."

-Ginny Au

"The styling boards and goods at Pilgrim and Co are my go to choices for shooting my destination weddings around the globe. Emma's attention to detail makes her boards durable, long lasting, shipped in the best method, and one of a kind. A lot of other stores have tried to replicate Emma's brand in many ways, but there is only one Pilgrim and Co, in my opinion."

-D'Arcy Benincosa




Learn the 2 Things I Wish I Would've Known When I Started Styling 

When I first started styling, I thought it meant that I would show up to a shoot and arrange everything to look really nice. I was so wrong. There is so much more to the process.

This 30 minute Tiny Styling Workshop, delivered immediately to your email, is the best introduction whether you're a budding stylist, photographer, Recipe developer, blogger, or literally anything else where you need beautiful images.



My Backstage Pass



some of my favorite posts about styling, growing a business, and balancing it all are right here. 

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Let's Start an Interesting Conversation Over on Instagram

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