What Describes You Best?


Small Empire

My business has a small team and rocking products. We're bringing in enough to have at least several full-time employees. I know that if we bring things to a whole new level in the storytelling department and an Amazing Marketing Strategy to Match, we can connect with customers and clients on a whole new level. If you're not already there, you've got a 7-figure goal in mind.

We work with highly talented teams to do intensive, overhaul work with clients in a range of the following areas:

-Imagery with art direction by Emma to capture your ideal customer's attention

-Graphic design to communicate and elevate your story and aesthetic

-Website redesign that is an inviting, living space for your clients and customers

-Copywriting that tells your story and sells 

-Overall storytelling of your brand engineered by Emma

-Marketing strategy consulting for social media, email marketing, content marketing, launching, and passive income






Solo Visionary

I'm Doing the business thing by myself right now and am so excited about it. I love to create things and creating a beautiful aesthetic is so key for what i want to do! But I know I want to take things to a new level where I'm in control of my growth, profits, and impact. I want to Grow Quickly but Sustainably. I'm ready to Carve my path and create the life of my dreams. if you're not already there, you've got a 6-figure goal in mind.

You have a soft spot in my heart because I knew I needed a lot of education and help when I first started! I've taught thousands of other creative entrepreneurs my secrets for success and I'd love to tell you all of mine.

So, I created The Aesthetic Way. The must-have education for any aesthetic-driven business. We cover not only the most effective (and doable, if you're a team of one) marketing strategies today that 99% of creative businesses are not using (and are therefore losing out on sales left and right!), but how to elevate your aesthetic, voice, and storytelling. It's the perfect marriage of high-level creation and brilliant marketing.

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