Want to get paid to be an artist and learn how to create a sustainable artist life?


I didn't know coaching was a thing (or at least a thing I needed) until it just sort of fell into my lap. I didn't get what a business coach really did or if it was really worth all of the money. Well, that all changed when my family's life sort of fell out from beneath us. My husband, pushed to the edge of a nervous breakdown, quit the job we had moved across the country for. He had been our breadwinner and I had tried to grow my business for some extra money to contribute to the lifestyle we wanted. But I was literally making no money. No clients, no inquiries, nothing. Plus I was feeling depressed being so far away and full-time care taking just didn't suit me. I told myself that businesses take time to grow and we would start making money soon. I had spent almost $5000 in supplies and online courses and listened to the courses' content again and again, trying to apply it to my business. But I felt like all I was doing was spinning my wheels. 

It was a huge leap of faith for my husband and I but I knew I needed help that no course could teach me. I needed someone who know the industry and could tell me what I couldn't perceive. There was a reason no one was hiring me and I couldn't figure out why. 

By working with my coach, I completely changed what I thought my role would be in the industry. Because I had an insider helping me understand where to focus my time and energy, I was able to find the heart of my brand, something that felt meaningful to me and would connect with my audience.  

I am absolutely certain that working privately with someone who's done what you want to do will teach you a hundred times more than any online program. If no one's buying, no one's connecting with your content, it doesn't mean you have bad ideas or you're bad at being an artist. It means you need someone who's been there.


My coaching is for new businesses who want to gain momentum, a network, and clients as quickly as possible while building a business they really feel passionate about. I specialize in creating a beautiful, meaningful brand that plays to your strengths and then marketing it strategically so you can do what you really love, work with people you connect with, and provide the kind of life you need.


If you find yourself asking these kinds of questions:

-why isn't anyone hiring me?

-why am I spending so much time in my business and not making much money?

-why isn't Instagram working for me?

-why don't I have the portfolio I really want?

-how do I create a really strong, cohesive brand?

-how do I reach out to collaborate with the people I really want to work with?


Then private coaching with me might be perfect for you.



Although everyone has different needs and the experience I give my clients is completely customized, here's an idea of the kind of support I give.


I focus on:


-where to spend your time to get you the fastest results possible

-creating a clean, cohesive Instagram feed

-authentic growth and engagement on Instagram

-Pinterest marketing that works

-creating products you're passionate about and that people really love

-launching a brand, new product, and hosting giveaways

-creating a website that brings clients to you

-navigating the mental and emotional overwhelm that comes with starting a business

-using IG stories and IG live fearlessly

-connecting you with other amazing creatives that are already in my network

-one on one support each week and email support throughout the week

-how to network

-how to collaborate with the vendors of your dreams

-creating a strategy for your product

-creating a strategy for your marketing

-being a sounding board with experience and understanding of the industry

-email marketing and list building


How much and how quickly you're able to make progress depends on how much you're ready to put into this. How much time you can spend throughout the week. How dedicated you are to making this happen.

Want to know if we'd be a good fit?

What Our Clients Are Saying



I was about 4 months into the startup of my business and my designs were all over the place. I had no real direction to my brand other than if it looked pretty and it pleased the client more than I was okay with it. I wanted to please EVERYONE, I wanted to be the wedding invitation designer to go to for everything. And with my pricing, I pretty much needed everyone to go to me to even make a living haha. But I was so sick of being price shopped. I felt like the only reason people wanted to hire me was because I was a newbie and would offer cheap prices. I knew people were doing almost exactly what I was doing but making so much more money. Plus they were getting these amazing clients with fabulous ideas.


I wanted to reach these dream clients sooo badly but the climb seemed impossible.

 That's when I hired Emma.

I wanted to believe that whatever Emma had to teach me, I could obviously learn on my own. That I would invest and think "ya duh, I learned that in my 8432 million workshops that I've already invested." But I was sooooo wrong.

Even after the first session, my mind was blown with all these ideas and concepts to help MY business grow. The concepts I learned in the workshops made sense, but Emma was there to help me apply those to MY personal business, to help me figure why some ideas help and others don't.

And how my business has changed? WHERE DO I START?! My entire business has changed for the best.

I'm reaching my dream clients daily.
I feel confident in reaching out to dream clients and other collaborators.
I know that what I have to offer them is worth my price and their time.
I know what projects to put more time and money in and which projects to say no to, again, with full confidence.
I have no more fears of where my business will be at in the next year.  No more fears with the business side what so ever.
I'm still learning so much but I know how to tackle everything I don't know and come out with a solution. 

What I liked best about working with Emma is that you can truly feel that she cares. She WANTS you to succeed and do well and she finds so much joy in helping others. Emma is not only such a gifted stylist and designer but she is an amazing teacher. She helped me understand concepts that the million of workshops that I bought couldn't, and then apply them into my own business. Her concepts are so adaptable and versatile. She's so ingeniously creative with her business concepts and ideas! 

I'm convinced there is nobody's buisness that she can't help.

Yes yes yes, a million times yes, I would recommend Emma's private coaching and I do all the time!

Hiring Emma has been the single best thing I have done for my business and I know will always continue to be.

I do not consider Emma an expense, but a huge investment. Let me emphasize again, that her coaching is the best investment I have ever made in my business. Every creative out there trying to figure out where they belong in this industry... needs Emma and asap!

Not even a day after my re-branding shoot I received so many inquiries that I had been dreaming about for months. I would have never been able to do it without Emma! I've had a lot of questions about what Emma has done for my business, and to sum it all up, she has helped me find my vision for my business, portray that vision to ideal clients, and reach my goals.

She's helped turn my expensive hobby into a profitable business."



Loren Smith of Farmette Press's Story:

When I first started working with Emma, I was in need of a storyteller. I had spent so much time, money, thought and heart developing my products, and yet when I tried to communicate the beautiful story of what I had made, it seemed so much less compelling and powerful than I knew it to be. I felt frustrated that I was unable to portray my business for what it was, and I knew that I needed to be able to tell my story well if my business was going to thrive.

Emma's gift and training in the art of the story was apparent from the start. She worked to gently and patiently tease out first my own personal journey and then used that to define and contextualize the story of my business from all of the jumbled pieces had been looking at for so long. She helped me to see that some of the areas I had been focusing on were actually not where I felt the most confidence or enjoyment. Taking off the pressure of trying to be something that didn't quite fit allowed me to be able to identify what elements of my business made me feel the most confident. I realized that those were my "genius" areas where I could offer real value and service to my market.

From there, Emma helped to plan and execute a lovely branding shoot that visually communicated my story in a way that felt true and beautiful in the way that only a skilled and thoughtful stylist can. 

Emma's immense gift as a story teller helped me to find my business' story, to own it, and then finally to communicate it. I cannot overstate how her services changed not only my business, but also my perspective on how much my business is an extension of my life and person. I would not be the same without her! I cannot recommend her highly enough.


The Journey Overview:


With me as your mentor every step of the way, we'll begin with your dreams for your business and by the end, you'll know exactly how to launch your brand.

Then you'll bask in the beauty of the buzz, excitement, and inquiries headed your way.


What's Included:

12 45 min phone sessions spread over 12 weeks

  1 Branding shoot designed and styled by Emma (LIMITED AMOUNT OF SPOTS LEFT!)

  1 Custom-designed styling surface for your brand from Pilgrim & Co

  Email support during the week

  Access to all of Emma's recorded content (coming soon!)

  Access to our private Facebook group (coming soon!)



For a limited amount of time, the investment is


a 1-time payment of $4600


1 payment of $1700 and 2 payments of $1600



images by Mandi Nelson and Emilie Szabo