storyteller, Art & Marketing Strategy Director for Creative Businesses, educator

Art & Marketing Strategy Director for Creative Businesses

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Armed with just a few Home Depot supplies in my living room, I created my first product that sold out in 20 minutes. A little over a year later, my business crushed the 100k barrier.

And as weird as it sounds, I never wanted a business. I wanted to write novels while my babies slept.

I’m here so you can create what you love, live your dream life, and change the world.

I’m a storyteller, business coach, educator, and art director who believes in a humanistic, passionate, visionary approach to savvy business strategy.

I'm Emma Natter.

Find the path that will bring you ultimate fulfillment
Own your area of genius
Take your next step without fear

Stop feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices and hear the call that was meant for you.

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The homework, the procrastination, that one time you were the only one in the class to get 100% on the test and it was the proudest day of your undergrad...I know! I feel it too.

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The Art & Science of Natural Flat Lay Styling

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In a highly selective experience, I only work one to one with a few entrepreneurs a year to help them tell their story, implement the best marketing strategies out there, and create actual passive income to create the life of their dreams.

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Pilgrim & Co is a styling shop that was created to help you discover the perfectly imperfect. We create surfaces and carefully curate antiques so you can style the very best imagery.

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