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- Feel confident in your unique value (even when a thousand other people have the SAME qualifications as you)

- Know you’ll be happy and satisfied with the career decisions you make now and in the long run

- And build a unified life where your work and passion are not at odds with each other, but woven together into a beautiful, meaningful, and powerful tapestry 

Have you ever wanted to...

My work has helped thousands of people to find purpose by discovering their Heart Story. I've coached hundreds of people to launch their dream businesses. I've helped people quit their corporate jobs, breadwin for their family, break the six figure barrier, and take the plunge to scale to $500k and beyond. 

I am the creator of the Heart Story, and founder of The Aesthetic Way, a school of philosophy that radically fuses together the creative heart with lucrative entrepreneurial strategies. I teach entrepreneurs to build a business that simultaneously creates financial success, makes a positive impact, and fulfills creative dreams. 

I'm Emma Natter

entrepreneurial strategies, academic analysis + the creative process

Trust me, I understand. I was all over the place too.

You know you're capable of accomplishing more. But every time you talk about work, something feels off. Like you should be somewhere different by now.

When i was 12

I made a secret promise...

in honor of the full-time caretaking women in my family. I promised that I would forego a career to stay home with my kids and make sure they were raised well. 

7th grade Emma

When i was 23

I started an MFA...

because if I wasn't planning to pursue a lucrative career, nothing could be more noble and fulfilling in the world than being a writer...right?

defended my Masters' Thesis

When i was 25

I was accepted into law school...

after I changed course by deciding I wanted to be the one to build a financially stable life for my family.

Accepted into law school

And...I still couldn’t figure out what to do. 

I was taking advice, reading books, asking mentors, researching data, taking career aptitude tests.

But no matter how hard I tried to find the right answer, there didn't seem to be one. Turns out that I was asking the wrong question, and I was looking in the wrong places.

When i was 27

I discovered my
Heart Story

In one moment, sitting on my bed in a small New York City apartment, everything became clear. I found my purpose. My life changed.

Within one year, I made $83k in my budding business, became the breadwinner for my family. A few months later, I launched my signature business course, The Aesthetic Way, to a small audience and made $90k in one week. I have helped hundreds of people find fulfillment, and build their businesses from zero to six figures and beyond. 

I know my purpose

You have everything you need to find the answers. I’ll show you how.

My answers lie inside my Heart Story. 
Your answers lie inside yours. 

here's how it works

In this free 30 minute video, you'll unearth your Heart Story so you can find confidence, clarity, direction, inspiration, and purpose in the work you're meant to do.



Your Heart Story is a specific memory that inspires your work.

When you learn to use your Heart Story, you'll feel clarity, purpose, and direction when making decisions for your career.

(Yes, it's that simple.)



In this free 30 minute video training, experience the magic of The Aesthetic Way for the first time. Understand for yourself what happens when you radically fuse together entrepreneurial strategies with your heart. You'll unearth your Heart Story (a specific memory that inspires your work) so you can find confidence, clarity, direction, inspiration, and purpose in the work you're meant to do.

my purpose is to...

This is what I mean...

 revenue in my first year of business

Because of the power I drew from my Heart Story, this is what happened:




audience size in 2 years




My Heart Story

On pilgrimage in the rural Pyrenees, we arrived hungry and exhausted at a pilgrim hostel. With nowhere to buy food for any of the dozen or so pilgrims staying there, the owner of the hostel kindly drove away and brought home groceries. We cook together as a group, making small talk. Then we sit at a long farm table to talk about the transformation and fulfillment we hope to find while on pilgrimage. We also give each other tips about the route. I feel inspired, connected, welcome, and purposeful. We leave as friends. 

Props are inspired by the countryside. I choose natural materials.


Coaching conversations go deep quickly and focus on each person’s unique purpose.




We equip people on their transformational journey to build successful and fulfilling careers



The people photographed don’t have pretenses, and they’re powerful heroes of their own journeys.




We outline specific strategies to reach specific goals.


Whether on a sales call, livestream, or webpage page, would-be buyers feel their deeper values refreshingly understood by the beauty of the visuals



How I Use My Heart Story



This is how your Heart Story will bring life to your work.

But it grew into something I never expected...

Truthfully, the Heart Story is a method that I stumbled on while struggling to create cohesive imagery for my new brand. A friend and mentor inspired me to draw from a single source of inspiration, so I did the work & found one. 

They have grown their businesses from nothing to six figures.

They have quit their jobs because they’re getting paid to pursue their passion full-time.

They’ve made multiple six figures doing the kind of work they would do for free.

They have created and launched online courses that make them multiple six figures.

They have doubled their salaries.  

They have released themselves from the expectations that were keeping them from moving forward. 

They are leading with purpose and impact.

They feel confident. 

They feel excited. 

They know exactly how they can stand out. 

They feel free. 

Are you ready to feel this too?
It’s time to unearth your Heart Story. 

Yes, really.

I didn’t really understand what was happening or why it worked- but I could FEEL that it was powerful and that I would be doing my people a disservice if I were to hide it. So I started teaching the method. I’ve now shared the process with hundreds of students, colleagues, clients, friends, and family members who have felt significant life changes... 

It can be done.

It's possible.

It's true.


make it happen.

Once you get clarity on what you’re meant to do by finding your Heart Story, it’s time to learn how to actually...