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A six-month, intimate one-to-one coaching experience built to help you discover the goals that will bring you lasting fulfillment, and successfully achieve them in alignment. 

Depending on your vision and goals, my coaching clients often launch new offerings, relaunch an old offering with new and aligned messaging, or create a whole new brand during our time together.

What is 1-1 Coaching?

(And what is The Aesthetic Way?)

Although Emma has a signature course for beginning entrepreneurs of the same name, The Aesthetic Way is a larger umbrella. In fact, it’s her unapologetic approach to business. In short, it’s the unshakeable venture to unify the creative self with entrepreneurship.

1-1 coaching is for entrepreneurs who have achieved a large goal (such as surpassing six figures in revenue) and are finding themselves at a plateau of sorts. They want to grow, but are afraid they might not be able to handle it. They’re ready to scale, but are unsure of the best path for them (or maybe they’ve tried a few different things and nothing feels right yet). What they truly want, is for their work to be an enriching part of their lives without it taking over. They want to create things they’re proud of. They want to do something worthwhile. And they want their income to reflect the value they’re putting out there.

Who is 1-1 coaching for?

I intersect entrepreneurial strategies with the creative process so that your work can give you personal fulfillment, financial success, and have an impact for good. 

Through painful experience, I’ve learned that business and marketing is not a paint-by-number experience. And despite what my ego wishes were true, I don’t have the answers for what you should do and when (trust me, I’ve tried to find the exact right answers. They don’t exist). But luckily I know how we can find them: they’re inside you. During our coaching experience, you’ll be the one laying the bricks and walking the path in the exact way to achieve your goals. 

I use a series of processes called Sacred Stories (one of them being a Heart Story) that I developed and carefully tested with hundreds of business owners over the years. These Sacred Wells will anchor you in your approach to your work so that you can always create at your highest level. Plus, it will allow me to see you deeply so that I can guide you to market your offerings in aligned, authentic, enticing, highly personalized and creative ways.

What is Emma’s coaching style?

What’s the theory behind my approach?

Our work always begins with knowing yourself through my unique Sacred Wells process so you can lean into your unique purpose. In order to create something that feels real, you need to start with something real. 

Once you know yourself and what you want, it’s time to create a vision, and come up with a plan to put that vision into motion. 3 times throughout our coaching, we’ll spend a day together envisioning. This will be powerful synergy with our combined creativity. I will act as a sounding board who sees you deeply, believes in your potential, can’t wait to talk strategy, and can guide you in finding what path is most aligned for you.

Once you’ve set your vision, it’s time to create your path as you walk it. (The fact that both are happening at the same time is the adventure of it all.) We’ll find creative ways to move past obstacles and make sure every piece of the puzzle feels aligned with you.

Sacred Stories are specific, potent memories we’ll discover and refer to frequently during the coaching process to help you further understand yourself, and to inspire your work.

What specific tools will we be using?

sacred stories

Heart Story: 
When you discover your Heart Story, we’ll discover your purpose and source of inspiration. (We’ll use this to create or align your offerings powerfully.)

Light Story: 
When you discover your Light Story, we’ll discover what true happiness looks like for you. (We’ll use this in setting goals and painting the vision of next-level you.)

Frame Story: 
When you discover your Frame Story, we’ll discover your unique flavor of desire. (We’ll use this to create fresh, never-before-seen marketing approaches and materials so you can stand out, be seen, and put everything in place to scale.)

Home Story: 
When you discover your Home Story, we’ll discover your unique flavor of home. (We’ll use this to gather a community of people who feel like they belong with you.)

If you’d like to experience more of what this unique Sacred Stories experience feels like, watch this free video training to find your Heart Story. 

6-month Time Frame
This is the average amount of time it takes to become a master of your vision, and bring the next pieces of it to fruition.

4 Sacred Stories Discovered
You’ll discover your Heart Story, Light Story, Frame Story, and Home Story as well as learn how to use them to create fresh offerings, fresh marketing, and continually make sure that every goal aligns with what will bring you true joy.

3 Intensive Coaching Days
These 3 days will be scattered throughout the six months. COVID-permitting, we will meet in person. Without COVID, or if travel is not possible, we will meet via tech. These full days will include coaching, goal setting, conversations, good food, inspiration, and time to breathe. These days are invaluable by taking you away from your day-to-day so you can focus on your overall vision, find inspiration and clarity, and feel fresh excitement in carrying out your plans.

45 min Weekly Phone Calls
Every week, we’ll get on the phone so you can get unstuck, make adjustments as you get renewed clarity, and continue in your momentum.

1 Visual Strategy Call
Every transformation deserves a visual representation. Once you’re making progress on your path and the end goal comes into sharper focus, we’ll have a call that’s focused on how to visually represent your vision (this could be but is not limited to a branding/product shoot, video content, a new website concept, or more). You will receive a concept and style guide for how to visually implement what we come up with. 

Monthly Round Table Discussions
You’ll need more companions than me to walk this path with you. Starting soon, I’ll be hosting round-the-table discussions once per month with present and former clients so you can find kindred spirits to help you bring your vision to fruition. 

What’s included?

Investment: 15,000-


“Emma is a masterful thinker who sees the big picture and helps refine the message,”

"As someone who has launched for the last four years and studied launching, I've never seen someone pick up how to launch as quickly as Emma did. Emma is a masterful thinker who sees the big picture, helps refine the message, and ensures the right people are getting the right pitch, so your launch truly is a process of serving and not selling!"



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