So we were just in Italy for a week and we went to this restaurant the first night in Naples.    Naples is where pizza was invented, right? So I was obviously so excited. I’d been there ten years ago and I kept telling Michael, “I just cannot wait. I’ve literally been waiting months to […]


November 6, 2019

How to Write our Origin Story for Business

A few weeks ago, I was in the middle of encouraging one of my clients to “just get a draft of that email done and we’ll fix it!”    She had been working for months trying to write one dreaded email sequence and I was giving her as many ideas as I could to just […]

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August 21, 2019

Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

  Little-known fact: I let my phone die on Friday after work and I didn’t turn it on until Monday morning.    BIG DEAL for me, although for the rest of the world, it’s probably nothing.   What it really means for me is that it’s been a transition for sure getting used to a […]


July 24, 2019

Instagram for Business Beginners

  I spent last Saturday going to all the coolest little beauty brands in SoHo.   And no, it’s not because I’m incredibly on trend in the beauty industry, it’s because my sister Lauren is.    We went to this beautiful little pop up shop for skincare called Soko Glam (where Lauren was chatting it […]


July 3, 2019

Get more organic followers on Instagram (2019)

Growing up, conversations in my family revolved around whatever book my dad happened to be reading at the time. They were usually some mix of psychology, religion, self-development, and he’d mix his new knowledge into this beautiful philosophy for what it meant to live and to love.   The hardest for me to believe and […]


June 26, 2019

Tips to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2019


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