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The Art & Science of Natural Flat-Lay Styling

Here’s exactly what you'll learn:  

The philosophy you NEED to understand so your flat-lays tell a natural story

How to understand EXACTLY what's working about a flat-lay image you LOVE to recreate it in your own style

How to curate your prop collection (including the props to stay away from!)

My step-by-step process for creating flat-lays
How to refine your flat-lay so you get the beautiful image you're imagining!

Styling gorgeous flat-lays is about to make sense! Finally.


How to Get Seen, Valued, and Paid for Your Creative Work

Do you ever feel like no matter how authentically you create, and how hard you work, you just can’t get people to pay attention, truly get it, or really value what you do? It’s a feeling I’m well acquainted with, and I’ve learned the hard way how to finally get my work out there. 

In this free audio training, I’m breaking down these three elusive ideas and giving you actionable strategies so that you can get traction, recognition, and make an impact with the work you’re meant to do.

An audio training to help you stop believing what’s holding you back from getting your name out there, and start taking action so you can do what you were meant to do


210+ Magical Tools and Resources to Create Your Dream Business 

Do you ever feel you could create what you want if you could JUST find what you need? 
I’ve been there. A few years ago as a floral designer, I was so frustrated because I couldn’t figure out where to get the right kind of vases, bowls, and other supplies. But once I finally found those, it was like there were 20 new things I needed to figure out. From finding a decent font, to getting great props, to designing a website, to editing pictures, to being legal. It doesn’t matter which niche you’re going into, it’s hard to find exactly what you need quickly!

I’ve spent three years gathering resources, tools, and places to source where you can get exactly what you need and I’m so excited to pass along this curated list.

It’s kind of like the secret master list that leaders in the industry know about but no one has given out for free...until now. 

A comprehensive list of things you didn’t know how to find and didn’t even know could help you reach your vision


“Emma has a gift for taking the most complicated and daunting obstacles, and breaking them down into an easy, executable (and  fun) steps. I'm still a 'stay at home mom' but am finding fulfillment as an artist, AND mother.”

-Michele Lee, photographer

The One-Hour Instagram Makeover 

Does your Instagram sometimes feel desperate for a breath of fresh air, pale light and an open-concept floor plan … wait, scratch that last bit — but for real, it’d be nice if your feed looked like it effortlessly formed from the pages of Architectural Digest or Vanity Fair, and less like it came from the arsenal of “whatever I could find around the house to make this double-tap worthy, but little do they know there’s a pile of rejected options just outside the frame I’ll have to put away later.”
This three-part video series will teach you the pro-tips and go-to strategies to refine your Instagram and curate an on-brand feed that engages your audience and draws in new followers

A video series that will help you Fab 5 your Instagram


10 Free Instagram Captions 

Ever feel paralyzed looking at that blinking cursor once you’ve chosen your image to post on Instagram? Or even’ve poured your heart and soul out to everyone and NO ONE responds?

Get ready for way better engagement on your very next Instagram post! I’ve got ten brand new caption templates (pulled from some of the greatest writers on the ‘gram). You’ll learn what to say, when to say it, and become more in tune with your creative voice in the process! 

Fill-in-the-blank style captions and line by line analysis and instructions to help you make them your own


“Emma is an amazing teacher. She helped me understand concepts that the millions of workshops I bought couldn't. Her concepts are so adaptable and versatile. She's so ingeniously creative with her business concepts and ideas! ”

-Carli Anna, Designer, Brand Strategist