How to Do Email Marketing for FREE

August 28, 2019

Here in Eugene lives one of my favorite art stores that I have to make a conscious effort not to stop at every time I pass: Oregon Art Supply.


Beautiful handmade paper? Check.


All of the books teaching me everything I might want to know about drawing and painting? Check.


All of the Prismacolor colored pencils. All of the Micron pens.


All of the sketchbooks (this one is for facial expressions, this one is to keep in my pocket for quick sketches, this one is for trips, this one is for watercolors, this one is for conte crayons…I’m the biggest sucker for all of the different perfect sketchbooks).


It’s so fun to spend money on this stuff. Agreed? 


And if you’re not an art store junkie like me, maybe its ingredients at the farmer’s market, home decor at the flea market, records at the oldies store, books (all of them), or jewelry at the local boutique. 


But here’s what’s NOT fun to shop for: TECH. APPS. FOR YOUR BUSINESS.


It’s the WORST. Every time you want to try something new in your business, you’re spending another $30, $100, $300 to make it happen. Trust me, I’m in the process of consolidating apps I don’t need because I have #jumpateveryshinythingthatpromisesresults syndrome. 


That’s why I created today’s YouTube Video: How to do Email Marketing for FREE.


If you’re ready to start engaging your audience with email marketing but not ready for it to burn a hole in your very limited budget, this is for you. Watch it here and leave a comment!  


This training will teach you exactly how to make the 4 building blocks of email marketing happen for free. This is the same process I encourage all of my students and clients to use right when they’re starting to dabble in email marketing.


And many of theses students and clients now have hundreds or thousands of subscribers and have made multiple five figures again and again.


Watch the video here and leave a comment to let me know what resonated with you!  

P.S. While you’re at it, be sure to watch last week’s video to catch up on email lists! You’ll learn my best tips for writing emails that build relationships with your audience and drive sales. Click here to watch last week’s episode!

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