How to Get MORE Comments on Instagram Posts

June 18, 2019

I was nursing Mary at my desk and listening to a training…when the teacher said something that made me want to storm away from my desk with a proper door slam except…#babysuckling. A quick grimace would have to do.


He said if we can tap into ONE emotion when we’re creating content? People are 4x more likely to engage and even share.


I was legitimately MAD about it.

…until I thought about all of the content that’s been received the BEST by my OWN community.


…contrasted with my students and clients who get SO frustrated that nothing is HAPPENING below their captions on their posts.


I realized it’s because they’re too scared to tap into this one thing. And it’s my job to not be afraid to let them…


This one idea is completely changing the way I create all of my content and I had to share it with you because it’s so simple…yet so mind bending.


In today’s video, I’m teaching you all about how to get MORE comments on your Instagram posts (and NOT the spammy emojis or one word variety). You already know that it’s engagement that makes all the difference in your business…but if your audience just isn’t responding no matter what you try… I KNOW this 3-step process will change things for you. It’s stuff I have NOT shared before.


Watch right here! (Nursing babies welcome while you watch 🙂 



And hey, since we’re talking about comments, be sure to put in your two cents and let me know if this resonates with you right after you have the chance to watch! (I’m back to the bribes…one lucky commenter will win $10 to starbucks. A little bonus for your day!).



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