June 5, 2019

I was laying on my bed on my back, staring at the ceiling while I talked to one of my most trusted soundboards on the phone. One of the few people who REALLY get what my brand is all about AND can talk strategy.


“But how do I make my videos actually GOOD??”


She’s a photographer, so it was sort of a dumb question because I knew she was going to tell me to have better filming equipment… I let her know that hey, the content is going to trump the production quality EVERY TIME for a while…but I want it to feel more like a journey you’re coming on with me. Something…captivating. “But how could my thing be captivating?” (sound familiar? Probably the same thing I have to fight all of my clients and students to believe…)


So we dug into what I’m obsessed with, what my “super power” is. I told her about the time I went into an Italian deli planning to get some fresh mozzerella and we had so much fun with the sales guy at the counter that we walked out of there spending 3x as much. What I said? “Michael!! That was just like a freebie and an upsell! And we LOVED it! So much fun!”


“That’s it!” She said…and it made me a little scared (always a good sign in entrepreneurship, right?… *groan*).


So I WENT for it.


I shot on location for today’s video so I could show you what I mean! Nope, I’m not just hanging out in my living room.


I want to SHOW YOU how this business stuff works in your life so you start seeing it every day. Because the thing is, I can’t even live my life without seeing the levers people are pulling in their strategy to persuade people, to give people a great experience, to figure out how to get money to exchange hands…


And first up? Instagram Live.


That platform everyone knows they “should” be doing, most are too terrified to try, and others wouldn’t be scared if they just knew what to talk about…


So in today’s video, I’m teaching you all about how to know what to say and when on Instagram Live. There is an art and a strategy to knowing when it’s the right time to talk about your process vs behind the scenes vs how your website works vs why you do what you do…


And I’m breaking it all down today.


Expect to come out of it knowing what you’ll need to be talking about over the next few months. How to plan…and I’ll even show you how to get a free script for what to say next time you go live (if nothing else just to get you COMFORTABLE and get your foot in the door!)


And definitely leave me a comment to let me know what you think about this new video format! Fun? Interesting? Or trying too hard? (break it to me nicer though if you can?)


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