How to Launch on Instagram!

October 2, 2019

Last week as I talked to a former client and good friend about my business, the topic of my Instagram came up. 


Sheepishly, I acknowledged that I don’t feel like my audience really knows what I’ve been doing this year (which feels so hypocritically shameful to what I teach that I’m not sure I actually want to press “send” on this email). 


Because the truth is that I haven’t shared what I’ve been doing…


The truth is that I have been intimately part of TWELVE launches this year. 


And if you know how exhausting launches can be when you’re doing the whole shebang (webinars, video series, crazy content and connecting on Instagram, dozens of pages of email copy, sales copy, and more), please know that it’s a little frightening when I say: Yes. Twelve.


 (Especially because only TWO of those launches have been for my own stuff.)


I’ve written 7 webinars. I’ve read and revised hundreds of pages of sales copy. I’ve been on more than a dozen strategy calls to help position offers and make them so enticing. I’ve helped name courses and asked clients to create new content. 


I’ve gotten on phone calls when the unthinkably heartbreaking has happened. 


I’ve gotten on the phone when the surprisingly ecstatic happens.


I’ve helped bring in well over six figures of revenue for my clients, and… none of them even have a huge email list (working on that for all of them. That’s our next step).


Maybe that sounds kinda braggy. I’m not trying to brag, I’m trying to explain/make up for the fact that I haven’t been as available on Instagram as I was last year and the year before. 


Even though I’ve loved the client work I’ve done, it’s definitely limited my bandwidth. Instead of connecting with people on my account, I’ve been behind the scenes in other people’s Instagrams. Helping them craft great IG stories. Teaching them what to say. Depending on the client, I’ll get right in their DMs even and start making the sales happen.


It’s made it difficult for me to be as active in my own Instagram…but, I’m working on some new structures to have in place so I can be more available there again! I just love the connections you can make with people there and miss it so much.


With all that being said, one of the major perks of being part of so many launches this year is I am constantly on launch watch. I’m seeing what the best in the business can do. I get asked all of the time about launching, what it’s all about, and how using a launch structure can hugely boost your sales.


So in my mini YouTube class today, I decided to take one of the best in the business, Marie Forleo and her launch of Everything is Figureoutable, to show you the 6 tactics she’s using to get the message out far and wide, and show YOU how you can apply these exact tactics in your own business, no matter how big your audience is.


Honestly, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands on ads or have multi-hundreds of thousands of followers. A successful launch can happen for you RIGHT NOW- especially if you put these tactics to work. 


Watch the video, HERE!


Talk soon,



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