How to Plan Content for Instagram

August 14, 2019

Unglamorous moments from our otherwise very fun trip to California last week:


  • Getting into our minivan that smelled like hot mildew from the water that spilled out of the flower buckets of my sister’s wedding.
  • Having to cut a small hole in the lining of my swimsuit so I could get a large clump of sand out. The tiny little sand particles caught the wind as I poured them out from our balcony.
  • Downing a pack of sun chips like a crazy person after the wedding ceremony because we still had about an hour before the food arrived while we set up the reception venue and I was so hungry.
  • Sitting down with the wedding planning crew two nights before the wedding and piecing together and then designing a timeline that would create a smooth day and take a huge burden off of my mom’s brain.


…now about that last one.


Getting stuff out of your brain and onto paper is one of the most useful and challenging things to do when you need to convey information. 


Do you feel that in your business? You know your stuff…yet you can’t seem to get it from your head to instagram. Every time you try, it just sounds stupid. Or no one comments. You start to wonder if there’s even a way to plan your content so you’re not wasting your time? 


It can be SO overwhelming.


Planning content…i.e. when and what to say. It’s one of the most common questions I get. Which is why I created this video that shares my favorite hack for planning authentic content that doesn’t require you to download any new apps, be super organized, or spend hours planning! 


Most other content out there about planning content is going to encourage you to invest in apps and spend a lot of time coming up with everything ahead of time. I’ve tried that before and I don’t love it. I like it to feel a little more current, a little more like it’s actually INSTA. 


Honestly? Instagram content isn’t a quota to be filled. If you don’t have anything worth saying, then don’t post just to post. Instead…follow the six ideas in this video to plan out content that is authentic, current, and engaging to your audience.

I’m so curious which idea stands out most to you. Leave me a comment and let me know!

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